4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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Response Codes

This page lists response codes.


The following is a list of possible Code, and Text that may be returned by the TSYS server.

Response CodeResponse TextDefinition
00"APPROVAL" Approved and completed.
01"CALL" Refer to issuer.
02"CALL" Refer to issuer - Special condition.
03"TERM ID ERROR" Invalid Merchant ID.
04"HOLD-CALL" Pick up card (no fraud).
05"DECLINE" Do not honor.
06"ERROR" General error.
07"HOLD-CALL" Pick up card, special condition (fraud account).
08"APPROVAL" Honor MasterCard with ID.
10"PARTIAL APPROVAL" Partial approval for the authorized amount returned in Group III version 022.
11"APPROVAL" VIP approval.
12"INVALID TRANS" Invalid transaction.
13"AMOUNT ERROR" Invalid amount.
14"CARD NO. ERROR" Invalid card number.
15"NO SUCH ISSUER" No such issuer.
19"RE ENTER" Re-enter transaction.
21"NO ACTION TAKEN" Unable to back out transaction.
25"NO CARD NUMBER" Unable to locate the account number.
28"NO REPLY" File is temporarily unavailable.
30"MSG FORMAT ERROR" Transaction was improperly formatted
39"NO CREDIT ACCT" No credit account.
41"HOLD-CALL" Lost card, pick up (fraud account).
43"HOLD-CALL" Stolen card, pick up (fraud account).
46"CLOSED ACCOUNT" Closed account.
51"DECLINE" Insufficient funds.
52"NO CHECK ACCOUNT" No checking account.
53"NO SAVE ACCOUNT" No savings account.
54"EXPIRED CARD" Expired card.
55"WRONG PIN" Incorrect PIN.
57"SERV NOT ALLOWED" Transaction not permitted - Card.
58"SERV NOT ALLOWED" Transaction not permitted - Terminal.
59"SUSPECTED FRAUD" Suspected fraud.
61"EXC APPR AMT LIM" Exceeds approval amount limit.
62"DECLINE" Invalid service code, restricted.
63"SEC VIOLATION" Security violation.
65"EXC W/D FREQ LIM" Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit.
6P"VERIF DATA FAILD" Verification data failed.
75"PIN EXCEEDED" Allowable number of PIN-entry tries exceeded.
76"UNSOLIC REVERSAL" Unable to locate, no match.
77"NO ACTION TAKEN" Inconsistent, reversed, or repeat data.
78"NO ACCOUNT" Blocked, first used transaction from new cardholder, and card not properly unblocked.
79"ALREADY REVERSED" Already reversed at switch.
80"NO IMPACT" No Financial impact (used in reversal responses to decline originals).
81"ENCRYPTION ERROR" Cryptographic error.
82"INCORRECT CVV" CVV data is not correct Or Offline PIN authentication interrupted.
83"CANT VERIFY PIN" Cannot verify PIN.
85"CARD OK" No reason to decline.
86"CANT VERIFY PIN" Cannot verify PIN.
91"NO REPLY" Issuer or switch is unavailable.
92"INVALID ROUTING" Destination not found.
93"DECLINE" Violation, cannot complete.
94"DUPLICATE TRANS" Unable to locate, no match.
96"SYSTEM ERROR" System malfunction.
A1"ACTIVATED" POS device authentication successful.
A2"NOT ACTIVATED" POS device authentication not successful.
A3"DEACTIVATED" POS device deactivation successful.
B1"SRCHG NOT ALLOWD" Surcharge amount not permitted on debit cards or EBT food stamps.
B2"SRCHG NOT ALLOWD" Surcharge amount not supported by debit network issuer.
CV"FAILURE CV" Card Type Verification Error.
D3"SECUR CRYPT FAIL" Transaction failure due to missing or invalid 3D-Secure cryptogram.
E1"ENCR NOT CONFIGD" Encryption is not configured.
E2"TERM NOT AUTHENT" Terminal is not authenticated.
E3"DECRYPT FAILURE" Data could not be decrypted.
EA"ACCT LENGTH ERR" Verification error.
EB"CHECK DIGIT ERR" Verification error.
EC"CID FORMAT ERROR" Verification error.
H1-H9"SERV NOT ALLOWED" Contact Merchant Services/Technical Support.
HV"FAILURE HV" Hierarchy Verification Error.
K0"TOKEN RESPONSE" Token request was processed.
K1"TOKEN NOT CONFIG" Tokenization is not configured.
K2"TERM NOT AUTHENT" Terminal is not authenticated.
K3"TOKEN FAILURE" Data could not be de-tokenized.
M0"DOM DBT NOT ALWD" Mastercard: Canada region-issued Domestic Debit Transaction not allowed.
N3"CASHBACK NOT AVL" Cashback service not available.
N4"DECLINE" Exceeds issuer withdrawal limit.
N7"CVV2 MISMATCH" CVV2 value supplied is invalid.
P0-P6"SERV NOT ALLOWED" Contact Merchant Services/Technical Support.
P7"MISSING SERIAL NUM" The terminal has not yet completed the boarding process. The Serial Number has not been set up.
Q1"CARD AUTH FAIL" Card authentication failed.
R0"STOP RECURRING" Customer requested stop of specific recurring payment.
R1"STOP RECURRING" Customer requested stop of all recurring payments from specific merchant.
R3"STOP ALL RECUR" All recurring payments have been canceled for the card number in the request.
S0"INACTIVE CARD" The PAN used in the transaction is inactive.
S1"MOD 10 FAIL" The Mod-10 check failed.
S5"DCLN NO PRE AUTH" Decline - no preauthorization found.
S9"MAX BALANCE" Maximum working balance exceeded.
SA"SHUT DOWN" The Authorization Server is shut down.
SB"INVALID STATUS" Invalid card status - status is other than active.
SC"UNKNOWN STORE" Unknown dealer/store code - special edit.
SD"TOO MANY RCHRGS" Maximum number of recharges is exceeded.
SE"ALREADY USED" Card was already used.
SF"NOT MANUAL" Manual transactions not allowed.
SH"TYPE UNKNOWN" Transaction type was unknown.
SJ"INVALID TENDER" An invalid tender type was submitted.
SK"CUSTOMER TYPE" An invalid customer type was submitted.
SL"PIN LOCKED" PIN was locked.
SM"MAX REDEMPTS" The maximum number of redemptions was exceeded.
SP"MAX PAN TRIES" The maximum number of PAN tries was exceeded.
SR"ALREADY ISSUED" The card was already issued.
SS"NOT ISSUED" The card was not issued.
T0"APPROVAL" First check is OK and has been converted.
T1"CANNOT CONVERT" The check is OK but cannot be converted. This is a declined transaction.
T2"INVALID ABA" Invalid ABA number, not an ACH participant.
T3"AMOUNT ERROR" Amount greater than the limit.
V1"FAILURE VM" Daily threshold exceeded.


The following is a list of Code value that may be returned by the TSYS server when using TSYSTerminalMgr.

Response CodeDefinition
A1The device was authenticated.
A2The device was not authenticated.
A3The device was deactivated.

Paymentech Server Errors:

The following is a list of error codes which may be returned by the Paymentech Server. In the case of a server-side error condition, the Code field will contain "E", the error code will be contained in the ApprovalCode field, and the description in Text

Paymentech Issuer Errors

200Auth DeclinedCardholder's bank did not approve transaction.
201Call Voice OperAuthorizer needs more information for approval.
202Hold - CallCard issuer does not want that card used. Call for further instructions.
203Call Voice OperAuthorizer didn't respond within allotted time.
204Invalid Card NoAccount #/mag stripe is invalid.
205Invalid Exp. DateExpiration date is either incorrect format or prior to today.
206Invalid ICA NoInvalid International Control Account number.
207Invalid ABA NoInvalid American Banking Association number.
208Invalid PIN NoThe Personal ID Number for a debit transaction is incorrect.
209Invalid Bank MID The Bank Merchant ID is incorrect.
210Invalid Term NoThe merchant ID is not valid or active.
211Invalid AmountAmount is either: equal to 0, has no decimal, has decimal in wrong place, or has multiple decimals.
213Invalid Tran FmtThe transaction format isn't valid, typically invalid SIC code
214Call Voice OperAuthorization center cannot be reached.
215Lost/Stolen CardCard has been reported lost or stolen.
216Invalid PINPersonal ID code is incorrect.
217Over Credit FlrAmount requested exceeds credit limit.
218Request DeniedTransaction is not valid for this authorizer.
220Not Online to XXFatal communications error.
221Auth Down-RetryDebit authorizer temporarily unavailable.
222Auth DeclinedVehicle not found in positive file.
223Invalid Pin NoDriver # not found in positive file.
224Auth DeclinedCard is on private label negative file.
225Card Not AllowedMerchant does not accept this card.
226PL Setup ReqdMerchant not set up for Private Label.
227BIN Not AllowedMerchant cannot accept this Private Label BIN range.
228Card Not AllowedMerchant cannot accept this card.
229Inv Merc Rstrct CodeRestriction code field contains invalid data.
230Prod RestrictedMerchant attempted a product code not permitted by this merchant.
231Prod Not On FileMerchant attempted a product code that does not exist on host.
232Auth DeclinedInvalid card type for Prior Auth sale.
233Auth DeclinedTerminal Type not supported.
234Auth DeclinedT&E card used for Sale when merchant only allows Auth Only.
235*Request Denied*Prior Auth selected with no Auth code provided.
238Invalid Driver NumberThe Driver Number entered is invalid.
247PIN Not SelectedEBT recipient has not selected a PIN for this card.
248Unmatch Vch InfoVoucher submitted does not match one previously issued.
248CVC2/CID ERRORCVC2 or CID entered was not valid for the card number.
249Tran Not DefinedThis type of transaction is not allowed for this type of card.
257Block Act Not AlwdThe merchant.is not allowed to process Stored Value Block Activations
258Incorrect Act AmtThe activation amount requested does not match the predenominated amount for the card.
292Auth Down - RetryAuthorizer is not responding.
293Auth Busy - RetryAuthorizer not available at this time.
294Auth Busy - RetryAuthorizer not available at this time.
297Auth Error - RetryAuthorizer not available at this time.
298Err - Pls RetryDebit authorizer experienced an error.
299Err - Pls RetryDebit authorizer experienced an error.

Paymentech Format Errors

300Invalid Term IDThe length of the merchant ID is incorrect or contains invalid data.
301Invalid FunctionTran code is incorrect or wrong length.
302Invalid CardMag stripe contains invalid data or account # is greater than 19 digits
303Invalid Exp. DateCard has expired, month was not 01-12 or year was not 00-99.
304Invalid Action CodeAction code is longer than 1 digit.
305Amt Entry ErrorAmount less than .01 or greater than 99999.99 or contained non- numeric data.
306Invalid PINIncorrect PIN block length.
307Invalid Card Invalid card type or account number.
308Auth # Not EnteredAuth code was not entered on a Prior Auth, Incremental or Rev.
309Invalid Down Pay IndInsurance down payment indicator is invalid.
310Policy # Wrong LenInsurance policy number is incorrect length.
311Invalid Ind CodeIndustry type must be RE or DM.
312Invalid FunctionTran code is invalid or contains alpha data.
313Entry Mode InvalidPOS Entry mode is less than 01 or greater than 04.
314Invalid Industry DataThe Industry Specific field contains invalid data.
315Inv Fleet DataThe Fleet Card field contains invalid data.
316Invalid Sys InfoThe System Information field contains invalid data.
317Invalid FormatPayment Service indicator or Transaction ID is invalid.
318Inv Transaction ClassTransaction class not "F" for financial transaction.
319Inv PIN CapabilityPin capability code field contains invalid data.
320Inv/Missing Retr RefRetrieval Reference # is missing or contains alpha data.
321Inv MSDIMarket Specific Data field contains invalid data.
322Invalid DurationMarket specific data field Duration is 00, blank or missing.
323Inv Pref Cust IndPreferred Customer indicator contains invalid data.
324Inv MO/TO NumberMail/Telephone Order number is invalid (InvoiceNumber must have a value).
325Inv Sale/Chg Des/FolioHotel Sale Code, Charge Descriptor or Folio contains invalid data.
326Inv Mult Clr Seq NoMultiple Clearing sequence number is invalid.
327Inv Purch Card DataPurchasing card field contains invalid data.
328Inv Input/Use VRUInsurance transaction not from VRU.
329Invalid EC Data 329Invalid Electronic Commerce Data.
330INV Function or Multiple FS or Unknown TKNIndicates system problem, notify Paymentech Network Services or Multiple field separators received without required data or A token of unknown definition was received
331INV TKN ValueInvalid token value was received.
332CVD Data ErrorError with the cardholder verification data received; invalid value or not allowable for this card for this transaction.
333TKN Data ErrorIndicates system problem, notify Paymentech Network Services.
359Invalid Sequence NumberThe SequenceNumber must be a number between 0 and 2400.

Paymentech Host / Setup Errors

400Invalid Term IDMerchant ID not found in merchant file.
401Invalid Term IDMerchant ID not found in terminal file.
402Term Not ActiveActive flag for merchant set to "N".
403Invalid Act CodeMerchant not set up for cash advance function.
404Void Not AllowedThe transaction requested for voiding is not an EFT transaction.
405Ref Num Not FoundTransaction requested for reversal not found.
406Proc Error 7The host can't clear all transaction records for the requested Batch Release.
407Too Many BatchesThere are 999 open batches for this merchant.
408Release BatchCurrent batch has 999 records. Release batch before continuing.
409Invalid FunctionDebit transaction requested but debit flag is set to "N".
410Invalid Term IDThe Terminal ID portion of the merchant ID is incorrect.
411Invalid Term IDThe maximum retries for this merchant have been exceeded.
412Proc Error 13Unable to read reference number file.
413Proc Error 14413
414Proc Error 15414
415Invalid Function 415
416Invalid FunctionMerchant is Authorization Only and a debit record was sent.
417Invalid FunctionPrivate label flag is "N" but a private label account number was sent.
418Please Try AgainIncorrect debit working key.
419Invalid Function Manually entered transactions are not allowed for this terminal ID.
420Amount Too LargeMaximum sale amount exceeded.
421Amount Too LargeMaximum return amount exceeded.
422Invalid Term IDHost couldn't read terminal file within specified time.
423Proc Error 24Host couldn't read reference number file within specified time.
424Invalid Term IDTransaction open flag has been set to "Y" within prior 3 minutes.
425Invalid FunctionCash management not allowed for this merchant ID.
426Rev Not AllowedHost found no batch number matching the one sent.
427Rev Not AllowedHost found no transactions meeting the specifications sent.
428Dscv Not AllowedMerchant not set up for Discover transactions.
429Rev Not AllowedThe batch containing the transaction to void has been released.
430Dscv Not AllowedMerchant not set up for Discover.
431DC Not AllowedMerchant not set up for Diners Club.
432CB Not AllowedMerchant not set up for Carte Blanche.
433Invalid KeyNo AMEX subscriber number, process control ID or product code set up
434Invalid KeyFuture use.
435Failed-Plz CallDebit transaction being sent to an authorizer not set up on host file.
436Failed-Plz CallDebit security key does not exist on the security management file.
437Failed-Plz CallFailure occurred during encryption/decryption of PIN.
438Failed-Plz CallError occurred while generating a debit working key.
439Failed-Plz CallThe DB (debit) sponsor institution on the merchant file is not set up on sponsor file.
440Failed-Plz CallThe network set up on the sponsoring bank file for this institution is not set up on the host's network file.
441Failed-Plz CallThe host is unable to communicate with decryption device.
442JCB Not AllowedJCB CD flag on merchant record not set up for JCB transactions.
443JCB Not AllowedJCB subscriber number not set up for JCB transactions.
444Bank Not On FileDebit BIN not set up for this merchant in routing table.
445No Sponsor InstNo valid sponsorship was found on Merchant record.
446Failed Plz CallFuture use.
447WX Not AllowedMerchant not set up to accept WEX.
448Amount Too LargeAmount exceeds maximum limit.
449Reenter OdometerOdometer was 000000 or contained non-numeric data.
450Duplicate TranNo ACK reversal was followed by a duplicate request
451Tran Not AllowedRequested transaction type is not allowed for this card/merchant.
452Bat Already RelsBatch has already been released.
453Invalid Rtng IndInvalid Routing Indicator field.
454AX Not AllowedAMEX not allowed.
999Invalid MerchantMerchant number not on file.

Paymentech Debit / EBT Specific Errors

602Call Voice OpAuth center cannot be reached.
692Auth Down-Retry Debit authorizer temporarily unavailable.
693Auth Busy-Retry Queue for debit authorizer too long.
694Auth Busy-Retry Debit authorizer not responding in time.

Paymentech Batch Management Errors (use the ErrorCode configuration setting to retrieve this information from the PTechHostSettle component.

105Invalid Term IDMerchant ID on a Batch Inquiry or Release is incorrect.
106Term Not ActiveActive flag for the merchant ID is set to N.
107No TransactionsA Batch Inquiry or Release was requested but no open batch exists.
108Bat Already RelsA second batch release was attempted.
109Batch Not FoundRequested batch does not exist.

FDMS North/Nashville

The CaptureFlag, field indicates whether the transaction was successful. If True the transaction was successful. If False there was an error and the ApprovalCode, contains the error message.

Approval CodeMeaning
CALL CARD CENTER System problem.
CVV2 DECLINED Association indicated the transaction wasn't approved due to mismatch of the CVV2 value, but would have been approved had the CVV2 values matched.
DECLINED Decline the sale.
EXPIRED CARD Card is expired.
HOLD - CALL CTR Problem with card.
INV ACCT NUM Invalid card number or prefix.
INV CREDIT PLAN Private label message only.
INV EXP DATE Invalid expiration date.
INV MER ID Merchant is not set up on Host file.
INV TERM ID Terminal is not set up on Host file.
PLEASE RETRY System time-out or other generic system error.
REFERRAL Referral.
REFERRAL INV TR2 Referral - Invalid Track II Data.
REFERRAL INV TR1 Referral - Invalid Track I Data.
SERV NOT ALLOWED Merchant is not entitled to this card type.
SYS REJECT Transaction was rejected by the system due to "batch in progress indicators" being turned on.
UNSUPPORTED TRAN Batch Review (Tran Code 97) not supported.

Global Payments

The current response codes returned by Global Payments are listed below.

Code field: This value signifies the result of the transaction (i.e. approved, declined, etc). When programmatically validating a transaction's result, this value should ALWAYS be used instead of any response message describing the result. See the table below for a full list of result codes and descriptions.

-100Transaction NOT Processed; Generic Host Error.
2Invalid Transaction.
3Invalid Transaction Type.
3Unsupported Transaction Type.
4Invalid Amount.
4Invalid Cash Back Amount.
5Invalid Merchant Information.
6Time Out Waiting for Host Response.
7Field Format Error. See Message and MessageDetail for more info.
7Swiped and Card Present transactions are not supported in Card Not Present markets.
8Not a Transaction Server.
11Client Timeout Waiting for Response.
14Transaction Type Not Supported In This Version.
19Original Transaction Id, PNRef, or Approval Code Not Found.
20Customer Reference Number Not Found.
22Invalid ABA Number.
23Invalid Account Number.
24Invalid Expiration Date.
25Transaction Type Not Supported by Host.
26Invalid Reference Number or PNRef.
27Invalid Receipt Information.
28Invalid Check Holder Name.
29Invalid Check Number.
30Check DL Verification Requires DL State.
31Cannot perform multiple captures on a PreAuth.
40Not Currently Supported.
50Insufficient Funds Available.
99General Error.
100Invalid Transaction Returned from Host.
101Timeout Value too Small or Invalid Time Out Value.
102Processor Not Available.
103Error Reading Response from Host.
104Timeout waiting for Processor Response.
105Credit Error.
106Host Not Available.
107Duplicate Suppression Timeout.
108Void Error/Cannot void a previously voided or settled transaction.
109Timeout Waiting for Host Response.
110Duplicate Transaction.
111Capture Error.
112Failed AVS Check.
113Cannot Exceed Sales Cap / Requested Refund Exceeds Available Refund Amount.
114Cannot refund a voided transaction.
115Sum of Tax, Tip, and Cash Back amount cannot exceed total Amount.
116Unsupported Card Type.
117Only Sales, Repeat Sales, Force Captures, and Post Authorizations can be refunded.
118The amount of a Pre-Auth Complete (Capture) must be less than or equal to the original amount authorized. Please retry.
200A Partial Authorization of a pre-paid card. This is considered an Approved transaction. Check the AuthorizedAmount field for the amount approved. See below for more information.
1000Generic Host Error or General Exception. (Missing or invalid data). See Message and MessageDetail for more info.
1001Invalid Login Information.
1002Insufficient Privilege or Invalid Amount.
1002AVS Only transactions are not supported in E-Commerce markets.
1002Debit/EBT Return transactions must provide the PNRef from the original Sale. Please retry.
1002Zip is required for AVS Only transaction type.
1003Invalid Login Blocked.
1004Invalid Login Deactivated.
1005Transaction Type or Service Not Allowed.
1006Unsupported Processor.
1007Invalid Request Message.
1008Invalid Version / The MAC value is required.
1010Payment Type Not Supported.
1011Error Starting Transaction.
1012Error Finishing Transaction.
1013Error Checking Duplicate.
1014No Records To Settle (in the current batch).
1015No Records To Process (in the current batch).

HostCode field: Typically, if the transaction is approved, this will be the batch reference number. If the transaction is declined, the HostCode will indicate the reason for the decline. The table below lists the possible HostCode and Message combinations for error conditions.

000AP Approved or Completed Successfully.
000AP NEW INFO Approved with updated cardholder data.
000PARTIAL AP Only part of the requested amount was approved.
001CALL AE Refer to American Express.
001CALL DC Refer to Diners Club.
001CALL DISCOVER Refer to Discover.
001CALL ND Call your Visa/MasterCard Voice Authorization Center.
001CALL TK Refer to TeleCheck.
001CALL XXXXXXXXXX Call indicated number.
001ISSUER UNAVAIL Global Payments cannot contact issuing bank for authorization.
002CALL AE Touchtone capture, won't roll to an operator.
002CALL DC Touchtone capture, won't roll to an operator.
002CALL DISCOVER Touchtone capture, won't roll to an operator.
002CALL ND Touchtone capture, won't roll to an operator.
002CALL XXXXXXXXXX Touchtone capture, won't roll to an operator.
002ISSUER UNAVAIL Touchtone capture, won't roll to an operator.
003INVLD MERCH ID Invalid Merchant ID.
004PIC UP Authorization Declined.
005DECLINE Authorization Declined.
005DECLINE NEW INFO Update cardholder data.
005DECLINE TRY LATER Try again in 3 days.
005REVK PAY ORDERED Stop payment of a specific recurring payment.
005STOP PAY ORDERED Stop all future recurring payments.
006REVERSED Requested transaction reversal was successful.
007DECLINE-CV2 FAIL Response for CVV2 failure. Declined. (Visa).
008AP WITH ID Approved with positive ID. Host does not capture this transaction.
012INVLD TRAN CODE Processing code entered is incorrect. Please refer to valid processing code.
013INVLD AMOUNT Amount entered is invalid.
014INVLD ACCT Account number does not pass issuer's edit checks.
014INVLD CODE ACCT Valid account number matched with a transaction code for a different card type.
014INVLD CID American Express CID failure.
019PLEASE RETRY Retry the transaction.
054INVLD EXP DATE Expiration date entered is incorrect.
055PIN INVALID Incorrect PIN entered.
058UNAUTH TRANS Merchant not set up for transaction code used.
075MAX PIN RETRIES Maximum PIN number entry attempts exceeded.
094AP DUPE Transaction entered is a duplicate.
0C1SYSTEM UNAVAILABLE Global Payments Check System unavailable.
0N2INV AMT MATCH The amount entered for a void or adjustment transaction does not match the amount stored in the host for that item.
0N3INV ITEM NUM The item number entered for a void or adjustment transaction is incorrect.
0N4ITEM VOIDED An adjustment or item review was attempted on a transaction previously voided.
0N5MUST BALANCE NOW Terminal has not been balanced within time specified in the Global Payments Merchant Master File for this merchant.
0N6USE DUP THEN BAL Originating device has not been balanced within time specified in the Global Payments Merchant Master File for this merchant, but merchant is set up to perform extra transactions before balancing.
0N7NO DUP FOUND Override transaction is attempted on a non-duplicated transaction.
0N8INVALID DATA Format of the transaction is incorrect.
0NANO TRANS FOUND Reversal transaction is attempted on a transaction that is not in the open batch on the host.
0NCAP NOT CAPTURED Approved but not captured (applies only to credit card transactions)- stand in.
0NEAP AUTH-ONLY Approved but this EDC merchant is not set up to capture this card type (applies only to credit card transactions).
PART AP AUTH-ONLY Only part of the requested amount was approved, but this EDC merchant is not set up to capture this card type (applies only to credit card transactions).
0P1APPROVED Approved debit card transaction.
0P2DB UNAVAIL 02 Global Payments is experiencing a problem.
0P5UNAUTH USER Merchant is not set up for debit on Global Payments Merchant Master File.
0P6INVALID CARD Invalid card number.
0T1EDC UNAVAILABLE EDC application down, try later.
0T2DB UNAVAIL 01 Debit application down, try later.
121EXCEEDS MAX AMT Exceeds withdrawal amount limit.
121EXCEEDS MAX AMT Exceeds withdrawal amount limit.

CVVResultCode field: This value is only applicable to credit card transactions. The card verification number is typically printed on the back of the card and not embossed on the front. It is used as an extra authentication method for "card not present" transactions. When programmatically validating a CV Result, this value should ALWAYS be used instead of any formatted response message describing the result, contained in the CVVResultMessage field.

The following table lists the possible CVV result codes:

Value Description
N CVV2/CVC2/CID No Match
P Not Processed
S Issuer indicates that the CV data should be present on the card, but the merchant has indicated that the CV data is not present on the card.
U Unknown / Issuer has not certified for CV or issuer has not provided Visa/MasterCard with the
CV encryption keys.
X Server Provider did not respond

AVSResultCode field: When programmatically validating an AVS Result, this value should ALWAYS be used instead of any formatted AVSResultMessage describing the result. The following table lists the possible AVS result codes:

X Exact: Address and nine-digit Zip match.
Y Yes: Address and five-digit Zip match.
A Address: Address matches, Zip does not.
Z 5-digit Zip: 5-digit Zip matches, address doesn't.
W Whole Zip: 9-digit Zip matches, address doesn't.
N No: Neither address nor Zip matches.
U Unavailable: Address information not available.
G Unavailable: Address information not available for international transaction.
R Retry: System unavailable or time-out.
E Error: Transaction unintelligible for AVS or edit error found in the message that prevents AVS from being performed.
S Not Supported: Issuer doesn't support AVS service.
B * Street Match: Street addresses match for international transaction, but postal code doesn't.
C * Street Address: Street addresses and postal code not verified for international transaction.
D * Match: Street addresses and postal codes match for international transaction.
I * Not Verified: Address Information not verified for International transaction.
M * Match: Street addresses and postal codes match for international transaction.
P * Postal Match: Postal codes match for international transaction, but street address doesn't.
0 ** No response sent.
5 Invalid AVS response.

* These values are Visa specific.
** These values are returned by the Global Transport Gateway and not the issuing bank.

FDMS Rapid Connect

Possible response codes returned by FDMS Rapid Connect are listed below along with a textual description.

001Schema Validation Error
002Approved for partial amount
003Approved VIP
100Do not honor
101Expired card
102Suspected fraud
104Restricted card
105Call acquirer's security department
106Allowable PIN tries exceeded
107Call for authorization
108Refer to issuer's special conditions
109Invalid merchant. The merchant is not in the merchant database or the merchant is not permitted to use this particular card
110Invalid amount
114Invalid account type
116Not sufficient funds
117Incorrect PIN
118No card record
119Transaction not permitted to cardholder
120Transaction not permitted to terminal
121Exceeds withdrawal amount
122Security violation
123Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit
124Violation of law
129Suspected counterfeit card
130Invalid terminal
131Invalid account number
132Unmatched card expiry date
150Invalid merchant set up
151Activation failed
152Exceeds limit
153Already redeemed
154Over monthly limit
155Recharge amount exceeded
156Max number of recharges exceeded
157Invalid entry
208Lost card
209Stolen card
302Account closed. The account was closed, probably because the account balance was $0.00
303Unknown account. The account could not be located in the account table
304Inactive account. The account has not been activated by an approved location
308Already active. The card is already active and does not need to be reactivated
311Not lost or stolen
315Bad mag stripe. The mag stripe could not be parsed for account information
316Incorrect location. There was a problem with the merchant location
317Max balance exceeded. The transaction, if completed, would cause the account balance to be exceeded by the max_balance as specified in the promotion. Some merchants set the max_balance to a value twice the max transaction amount
318Invalid amount. There was a problem with the amount field in the transaction format - more or less than min/max amounts specified in the promotion for that transaction
319Invalid clerk. The clerk field was either missing, when required, or the content did not match the requirements
320Invalid password
321Invalid new password. The new password does not meet the minimum security criteria
322Exceeded account reloads. The clerk/user/location was only permitted to reload some number of accounts. That number was exceeded. (See your Business Manager in order to extend this limit.)
323Password retry exceeded. The user account has been frozen because the user attempted access and was denied. Seek management assistance
326Incorrect transaction version or format number for POS transactions
327Request not permitted by this account
328Request not permitted by this merchant location
330Bad checksum. The checksum provided is incorrect
331Balance not available (denial). Due to an internal First Data Prepaid Closed Loop issue, information from this account could not be retrieved
332Account locked
333No previous transaction. The void or reversal transaction could not be matched to a previous (original) transaction. In the case of a pre-auth redemption, the corresponding locking transaction could not be identified
334Already reversed
336Bad Authorization ID. The Authorization ID test failed
337Too many transactions requested
338No transactions available/no more transactions available. There are no transactions for this account or there are no transactions as determined by the specified first transaction number
339Transaction history not available
340New password required
341Invalid status change. The status change requested (e.g. lost/stolen, freeze active card) cannot be performed
342Void of activation after account activity
343No phone service. Attempted a calling card transaction on an account which is not configured for calling card activity
344Internet access disabled
355Invalid currency. The provided currency is invalid
357Currency conversion error
359The terminal transaction number did not match (on a void or reversal).
367Target embossed card entered and Transaction count entered do not match
368No account link
369Invalid time zone
370Account on hold
372Promo location restricted
373Invalid Card Account
374Product code(s) restricted
375Bad Post Date. The Post Date is not a valid date.
376Account status is void lock
377Already active and reloadable
378Account is Purged. The Account record was purged from the database.
380Bulk activation error
381Bulk activation un-attempted error
382Bulk activation package amount error
383Store location zero not allowed
384Account row locked
385Accepted but not yet processed
401Offer Processing Error
402TransArmor Service Unavailable
403TransArmor Invalid Token or Account Number
404TransArmor Key Error
501Date of Birth Error for Check Processing
502Invalid State Code
503New Account Information
504Do not try again
505Please retry
506Invalid Checking Account Number
507New Account Information available
508Try again later - Declined: Association's payment cancellation advice code provided. Applies to recurring authorizations only. These are examples of what may have occurred: the account is over the credit limit try again in 72 hours.
509Do not try again - Applies to recurring authorizations only. The card has expired
510New Account Information - Applies to recurring authorizations only. The card has expired
511Try again later - Applies to recurring authorizations only. The card has expired. Get the new expiration date and try again.
512Service not allowed
513Decline. Transaction not permitted to acquirer or terminal
514Do not try again - Applies to recurring authorizations only. There was security violation
515Declined. No term record on First Data system
516Please retry - Reasons for this error are one of the following: Format Error, Unable to route transaction, Switch or issuer unavailable, System Busy, Timeout
517CVV2 Declined
518Invalid account/date or sales date in future
519Invalid Effective Date
520Reversal Rejected. Do not try again.
521Enter lesser amount
522Cash Back greater than total Transaction amount
523Crypto box is offline
524Debit Switch unavailable Timeout Retry - Communications link to debit/EBT network gateway is down or responded with a "System Malfunction (96)" message
525Debit/EBT network gateway cannot get through to the ISSUER.
526Undefined Card - Debit/EBT network gateway cannot route card based on Merchant Entitlement
527Network Response indicates that Merchant ID / SE is invalid
528Debit/EBT transaction count exceeds pre-determined limit in specified time/ Withdrawal limit exceeded.
529Resubmission of transaction violates debit/EBT network frequency
530The authorizing network has a problem decrypting the cryptogram in the request
532The DUKPT Base Derivation key is missing or incorrect in the PIN pad, or PIN key synchronization error.
540Edit Honor
541No Savings Account
542DUKPT: An error while processing the PIN block that is not related to the point-of-sale equipment. Contact the Help Desk for assistance.
550Invalid Vehicle
551Invalid Driver
552Invalid Product
553Exceeds transaction total limit per product class.
554Over daily limit
555Invalid Date/Time
556Exceeds quantity
557Invalid prompt entry
558Invalid Track 2 data
559Voyager ID problem
560Invalid Odometer
561Invalid Restriction Code
562Pay at pump not allowed
563Over fuel limit
564Over cash limit
565Fuel price error
566Y or N required
567Over repair limit
568Over additive limit
569Invalid user
701Approved EMV Key Load
702EMV Key Download Error
703Approved EMV Key Load, more key load data pending
704Pick Up Card
708Honor With Authentication
721Invalid ZIP Code
722Invalid value in the field
723Driver's License or ID is Required
724Referred - Not Active
726Unable to Locate Record On File
727Refer - Call Authorization (Checks only)
728Referred - Skip Trace Info
729Hard Negative Info On File
731Rejected Lost/Stolen Checks
740Totals Unavailable
767Hard Capture; Pick Up
771Amount Too Large
772Duplicate Return
774Duplicate Reversal
775Subsystem Unavailable
776Duplicate Completion
782Count Exceeds Limit
785No reason to decline.
790Not approved. Used only in Visa bill/recurring payment. Merchant must not resubmit same transaction but may continue billing process in subsequent billing period.
791Not approved. Used only in Visa bill/recurring payment. Merchant must stop recurring payment requests.
792See attendant.
801Over merchandise limit
802Imprint card
803Not on file
804Fuel only
805Velocity exceeded
806Authorization ID needed
807Over non-fuel limit
808Invalid location
809Over card velocity count
810Over card velocity amount
811Over issuer velocity count
812Over issuer velocity amount
813Over merchant daily velocity count
814Over merchant daily velocity amount
815Over merchant daily velocity both
816Over merchant product velocity amount
817Over merchant product velocity count
818Over merchant product velocity both
819Over chain daily velocity count
820Over chain daily velocity amount
821Over chain daily velocity both
822Over chain product velocity count
823Over chain product velocity both
824Over chain product velocity amount
825No chain ID for chain merchant
826Signature required
902Invalid transaction. This card or terminal is not permitted to perform this transaction, or the transaction type is invalid, or First Data is unable to route a refund request to the network.
904Format error.
906System Error. There is a problem with the host processing system. Call your helpdesk or operations support.
907Card issuer or switch inoperative
908Transaction destination not found.
909System malfunction
911Card issuer timed out
913Duplicate transaction.
914Void/Full Reversal requests in which the Original Authorization was not found.
915Timeout Reversal not supported Resend the original transaction.
920Security H/W or S/W error - try again
921Security H/W or S/W error - no action
923Request in progress
924Limit check failed
941Invalid issuer
942Customer cancellation
944Invalid response
950Violation of business arrangement
954CCV failed.
958CCV2 failed
959CAV failed
963Acquirer channel unavailable

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