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Response Property

Contains the response to an authorization request.


public TSYSHCDebitResponse Response { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Response As TSYSHCDebitResponse


This property will contain the response returned from the TSYS server. It should be inspected (and logged) after an authorization to determine if the transaction was approved. The TSYSHCDebitResponse type contains the following fields:

ApprovalCode Contains an authorization code when a transaction has been approved.
AuthorizedAmount The partial authorized amount.
Balance Available balance remaining on card.
BatchNumber Contains the incrementing ID assigned by TSYS to identify a merchant batch.
CardType The type of card sent in the authorization request.
Code Indicates the status of the authorization request.
RetrievalNumber This number is to be used to identify transactions and should be submitted when making adjustments, reversals or at settlement.
Text Text information that describes each response code.
TransactionDate Local transaction date returned from the server in MMDDYY format.
TransactionTime Local transaction time returned from the server in HHMMSS format.
TransactionNumber Check this field against the original Transaction Number.
NetworkId Identification code of the network on which the transaction was authorized.

This property is read-only.

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