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GoodsIndicator Property

Indicates the type of goods being sold by an e-Commerce merchant.


public PtechhealthcareGoodsIndicators GoodsIndicator { get; set; }

enum PtechhealthcareGoodsIndicators { giPhysicalGoods, giDigitalGoods }
Public Property GoodsIndicator As PtechhealthcareGoodsIndicators

Enum PtechhealthcareGoodsIndicators giPhysicalGoods giDigitalGoods End Enum

Default Value



If the merchant is selling physical goods (goods that are shipped or are otherwise tangible) this property must be set to giPhysicalGoods. If the merchant is selling Digital goods, such a membership, or any software or file that is delivered electronically, this field must be set to giDigitalGoods. This property is only valid when the IndustryType is set to itECommerce.

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