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Capture Method

Sends a capture transaction to the PaymenTech Server.


public void Capture(string approvalCode);
Public Sub Capture(ByVal ApprovalCode As String)


Capture (Prior Sales) are typically used when a merchant has previously utilized the AuthOnly method. A Capture transaction adds the transaction to the current open batch, and the transaction will be settled at the next call to the PTechHostSettle component's BatchRelease method. The Paymentech system treats Capture and Force transactions identically, so this method may also be used when a merchant has obtained voice approval over the phone.

Manually keyed capture:

component.Card = new CCCard("4444333322221111", 1, 2010)
component.TransactionAmount = "1.00" 
component.Capture("123456") 'value from voice auth or previous AuthOnly trans

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