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PTechHealthCare Errors

PTechHealthCare Errors

432   Invalid Index
501   Property length is invalid
504   Luhn digit check failed.
505   Card date invalid.
506   Card expired.
511   Property is set with invalid data.
517   Response length mismatch.
518   LRC check failed.
519   Corrupt response.
545   Error found in token data
546   Missing property for current method call.
593   Verification of post data failed: Invalid mix of properties for the current method call.
594   You cannot manually settle a transaction made with SettlementMode set to Host Capture.

Paymentech Server Errors:

The following is a list of error codes which may be returned by the Paymentech Server. In the case of a server-side error condition, the Code field will contain "E", the error code will be contained in the ApprovalCode field, and the description in Text

Paymentech Issuer Errors

200Auth DeclinedCardholder's bank did not approve transaction.
201Call Voice OperAuthorizer needs more information for approval.
202Hold - CallCard issuer does not want that card used. Call for further instructions.
203Call Voice OperAuthorizer didn't respond within allotted time.
204Invalid Card NoAccount #/mag stripe is invalid.
205Invalid Exp. DateExpiration date is either incorrect format or prior to today.
206Invalid ICA NoInvalid International Control Account number.
207Invalid ABA NoInvalid American Banking Association number.
208Invalid PIN NoThe Personal ID Number for a debit transaction is incorrect.
209Invalid Bank MID The Bank Merchant ID is incorrect.
210Invalid Term NoThe merchant ID is not valid or active.
211Invalid AmountAmount is either: equal to 0, has no decimal, has decimal in wrong place, or has multiple decimals.
213Invalid Tran FmtThe transaction format isn't valid, typically invalid SIC code
214Call Voice OperAuthorization center cannot be reached.
215Lost/Stolen CardCard has been reported lost or stolen.
216Invalid PINPersonal ID code is incorrect.
217Over Credit FlrAmount requested exceeds credit limit.
218Request DeniedTransaction is not valid for this authorizer.
220Not Online to XXFatal communications error.
221Auth Down-RetryDebit authorizer temporarily unavailable.
222Auth DeclinedVehicle not found in positive file.
223Invalid Pin NoDriver # not found in positive file.
224Auth DeclinedCard is on private label negative file.
225Card Not AllowedMerchant does not accept this card.
226PL Setup ReqdMerchant not set up for Private Label.
227BIN Not AllowedMerchant cannot accept this Private Label BIN range.
228Card Not AllowedMerchant cannot accept this card.
229Inv Merc Rstrct CodeRestriction code field contains invalid data.
230Prod RestrictedMerchant attempted a product code not permitted by this merchant.
231Prod Not On FileMerchant attempted a product code that does not exist on host.
232Auth DeclinedInvalid card type for Prior Auth sale.
233Auth DeclinedTerminal Type not supported.
234Auth DeclinedT&E card used for Sale when merchant only allows Auth Only.
235*Request Denied*Prior Auth selected with no Auth code provided.
238Invalid Driver NumberThe Driver Number entered is invalid.
247PIN Not SelectedEBT recipient has not selected a PIN for this card.
248Unmatch Vch InfoVoucher submitted does not match one previously issued.
248CVC2/CID ERRORCVC2 or CID entered was not valid for the card number.
249Tran Not DefinedThis type of transaction is not allowed for this type of card.
257Block Act Not AlwdThe merchant.is not allowed to process Stored Value Block Activations
258Incorrect Act AmtThe activation amount requested does not match the predenominated amount for the card.
292Auth Down - RetryAuthorizer is not responding.
293Auth Busy - RetryAuthorizer not available at this time.
294Auth Busy - RetryAuthorizer not available at this time.
297Auth Error - RetryAuthorizer not available at this time.
298Err - Pls RetryDebit authorizer experienced an error.
299Err - Pls RetryDebit authorizer experienced an error.

Paymentech Format Errors

300Invalid Term IDThe length of the merchant ID is incorrect or contains invalid data.
301Invalid FunctionTran code is incorrect or wrong length.
302Invalid CardMag stripe contains invalid data or account # is greater than 19 digits
303Invalid Exp. DateCard has expired, month was not 01-12 or year was not 00-99.
304Invalid Action CodeAction code is longer than 1 digit.
305Amt Entry ErrorAmount less than .01 or greater than 99999.99 or contained non- numeric data.
306Invalid PINIncorrect PIN block length.
307Invalid Card Invalid card type or account number.
308Auth # Not EnteredAuth code was not entered on a Prior Auth, Incremental or Rev.
309Invalid Down Pay IndInsurance down payment indicator is invalid.
310Policy # Wrong LenInsurance policy number is incorrect length.
311Invalid Ind CodeIndustry type must be RE or DM.
312Invalid FunctionTran code is invalid or contains alpha data.
313Entry Mode InvalidPOS Entry mode is less than 01 or greater than 04.
314Invalid Industry DataThe Industry Specific field contains invalid data.
315Inv Fleet DataThe Fleet Card field contains invalid data.
316Invalid Sys InfoThe System Information field contains invalid data.
317Invalid FormatPayment Service indicator or Transaction ID is invalid.
318Inv Transaction ClassTransaction class not "F" for financial transaction.
319Inv PIN CapabilityPin capability code field contains invalid data.
320Inv/Missing Retr RefRetrieval Reference # is missing or contains alpha data.
321Inv MSDIMarket Specific Data field contains invalid data.
322Invalid DurationMarket specific data field Duration is 00, blank or missing.
323Inv Pref Cust IndPreferred Customer indicator contains invalid data.
324Inv MO/TO NumberMail/Telephone Order number is invalid (InvoiceNumber must have a value).
325Inv Sale/Chg Des/FolioHotel Sale Code, Charge Descriptor or Folio contains invalid data.
326Inv Mult Clr Seq NoMultiple Clearing sequence number is invalid.
327Inv Purch Card DataPurchasing card field contains invalid data.
328Inv Input/Use VRUInsurance transaction not from VRU.
329Invalid EC Data 329Invalid Electronic Commerce Data.
330INV Function or Multiple FS or Unknown TKNIndicates system problem, notify Paymentech Network Services or Multiple field separators received without required data or A token of unknown definition was received
331INV TKN ValueInvalid token value was received.
332CVD Data ErrorError with the cardholder verification data received; invalid value or not allowable for this card for this transaction.
333TKN Data ErrorIndicates system problem, notify Paymentech Network Services.
359Invalid Sequence NumberThe SequenceNumber must be a number between 0 and 2400.

Paymentech Host / Setup Errors

400Invalid Term IDMerchant ID not found in merchant file.
401Invalid Term IDMerchant ID not found in terminal file.
402Term Not ActiveActive flag for merchant set to "N".
403Invalid Act CodeMerchant not set up for cash advance function.
404Void Not AllowedThe transaction requested for voiding is not an EFT transaction.
405Ref Num Not FoundTransaction requested for reversal not found.
406Proc Error 7The host can't clear all transaction records for the requested Batch Release.
407Too Many BatchesThere are 999 open batches for this merchant.
408Release BatchCurrent batch has 999 records. Release batch before continuing.
409Invalid FunctionDebit transaction requested but debit flag is set to "N".
410Invalid Term IDThe Terminal ID portion of the merchant ID is incorrect.
411Invalid Term IDThe maximum retries for this merchant have been exceeded.
412Proc Error 13Unable to read reference number file.
413Proc Error 14413
414Proc Error 15414
415Invalid Function 415
416Invalid FunctionMerchant is Authorization Only and a debit record was sent.
417Invalid FunctionPrivate label flag is "N" but a private label account number was sent.
418Please Try AgainIncorrect debit working key.
419Invalid Function Manually entered transactions are not allowed for this terminal ID.
420Amount Too LargeMaximum sale amount exceeded.
421Amount Too LargeMaximum return amount exceeded.
422Invalid Term IDHost couldn't read terminal file within specified time.
423Proc Error 24Host couldn't read reference number file within specified time.
424Invalid Term IDTransaction open flag has been set to "Y" within prior 3 minutes.
425Invalid FunctionCash management not allowed for this merchant ID.
426Rev Not AllowedHost found no batch number matching the one sent.
427Rev Not AllowedHost found no transactions meeting the specifications sent.
428Dscv Not AllowedMerchant not set up for Discover transactions.
429Rev Not AllowedThe batch containing the transaction to void has been released.
430Dscv Not AllowedMerchant not set up for Discover.
431DC Not AllowedMerchant not set up for Diners Club.
432CB Not AllowedMerchant not set up for Carte Blanche.
433Invalid KeyNo AMEX subscriber number, process control ID or product code set up
434Invalid KeyFuture use.
435Failed-Plz CallDebit transaction being sent to an authorizer not set up on host file.
436Failed-Plz CallDebit security key does not exist on the security management file.
437Failed-Plz CallFailure occurred during encryption/decryption of PIN.
438Failed-Plz CallError occurred while generating a debit working key.
439Failed-Plz CallThe DB (debit) sponsor institution on the merchant file is not set up on sponsor file.
440Failed-Plz CallThe network set up on the sponsoring bank file for this institution is not set up on the host's network file.
441Failed-Plz CallThe host is unable to communicate with decryption device.
442JCB Not AllowedJCB CD flag on merchant record not set up for JCB transactions.
443JCB Not AllowedJCB subscriber number not set up for JCB transactions.
444Bank Not On FileDebit BIN not set up for this merchant in routing table.
445No Sponsor InstNo valid sponsorship was found on Merchant record.
446Failed Plz CallFuture use.
447WX Not AllowedMerchant not set up to accept WEX.
448Amount Too LargeAmount exceeds maximum limit.
449Reenter OdometerOdometer was 000000 or contained non-numeric data.
450Duplicate TranNo ACK reversal was followed by a duplicate request
451Tran Not AllowedRequested transaction type is not allowed for this card/merchant.
452Bat Already RelsBatch has already been released.
453Invalid Rtng IndInvalid Routing Indicator field.
454AX Not AllowedAMEX not allowed.
999Invalid MerchantMerchant number not on file.

Paymentech Debit / EBT Specific Errors

602Call Voice OpAuth center cannot be reached.
692Auth Down-Retry Debit authorizer temporarily unavailable.
693Auth Busy-Retry Queue for debit authorizer too long.
694Auth Busy-Retry Debit authorizer not responding in time.

Paymentech Batch Management Errors (use the ErrorCode configuration setting to retrieve this information from the PTechHostSettle component.

105Invalid Term IDMerchant ID on a Batch Inquiry or Release is incorrect.
106Term Not ActiveActive flag for the merchant ID is set to N.
107No TransactionsA Batch Inquiry or Release was requested but no open batch exists.
108Bat Already RelsA second batch release was attempted.
109Batch Not FoundRequested batch does not exist.

The component may also return one of the following error codes, which are inherited from other components.

HTTP Errors

118   Firewall Error. Error description contains detailed message.
143   Busy executing current method.
151   HTTP protocol error. The error message has the server response.
152   No server specified in URL
153   Specified URLScheme is invalid.
155   Range operation is not supported by server.
156   Invalid cookie index (out of range).
301   Interrupted.
302   Can't open AttachedFile.

The component may also return one of the following error codes, which are inherited from other components.

IPPort Errors

100   You cannot change the RemotePort at this time. A connection is in progress.
101   You cannot change the RemoteHost (Server) at this time. A connection is in progress.
102   The RemoteHost address is invalid (
104   Already connected. If you want to reconnect, close the current connection first.
106   You cannot change the LocalPort at this time. A connection is in progress.
107   You cannot change the LocalHost at this time. A connection is in progress.
112   You cannot change MaxLineLength at this time. A connection is in progress.
116   RemotePort cannot be zero. Please specify a valid service port number.
117   Cannot change UseConnection option while the component is Active.
135   Operation would block.
201   Timeout.
211   Action impossible in control's present state.
212   Action impossible while not connected.
213   Action impossible while listening.
301   Timeout.
303   Could not open file.
434   Unable to convert string to selected CodePage
1105   Already connecting. If you want to reconnect, close the current connection first.
1117   You need to connect first.
1119   You cannot change the LocalHost at this time. A connection is in progress.
1120   Connection dropped by remote host.

SSL Errors

270   Cannot load specified security library.
271   Cannot open certificate store.
272   Cannot find specified certificate.
273   Cannot acquire security credentials.
274   Cannot find certificate chain.
275   Cannot verify certificate chain.
276   Error during handshake.
280   Error verifying certificate.
281   Could not find client certificate.
282   Could not find server certificate.
283   Error encrypting data.
284   Error decrypting data.

TCP/IP Errors

10004   [10004] Interrupted system call.
10009   [10009] Bad file number.
10013   [10013] Access denied.
10014   [10014] Bad address.
10022   [10022] Invalid argument.
10024   [10024] Too many open files.
10035   [10035] Operation would block.
10036   [10036] Operation now in progress.
10037   [10037] Operation already in progress.
10038   [10038] Socket operation on non-socket.
10039   [10039] Destination address required.
10040   [10040] Message too long.
10041   [10041] Protocol wrong type for socket.
10042   [10042] Bad protocol option.
10043   [10043] Protocol not supported.
10044   [10044] Socket type not supported.
10045   [10045] Operation not supported on socket.
10046   [10046] Protocol family not supported.
10047   [10047] Address family not supported by protocol family.
10048   [10048] Address already in use.
10049   [10049] Can't assign requested address.
10050   [10050] Network is down.
10051   [10051] Network is unreachable.
10052   [10052] Net dropped connection or reset.
10053   [10053] Software caused connection abort.
10054   [10054] Connection reset by peer.
10055   [10055] No buffer space available.
10056   [10056] Socket is already connected.
10057   [10057] Socket is not connected.
10058   [10058] Can't send after socket shutdown.
10059   [10059] Too many references, can't splice.
10060   [10060] Connection timed out.
10061   [10061] Connection refused.
10062   [10062] Too many levels of symbolic links.
10063   [10063] File name too long.
10064   [10064] Host is down.
10065   [10065] No route to host.
10066   [10066] Directory not empty
10067   [10067] Too many processes.
10068   [10068] Too many users.
10069   [10069] Disc Quota Exceeded.
10070   [10070] Stale NFS file handle.
10071   [10071] Too many levels of remote in path.
10091   [10091] Network subsystem is unavailable.
10092   [10092] WINSOCK DLL Version out of range.
10093   [10093] Winsock not loaded yet.
11001   [11001] Host not found.
11002   [11002] Non-authoritative 'Host not found' (try again or check DNS setup).
11003   [11003] Non-recoverable errors: FORMERR, REFUSED, NOTIMP.
11004   [11004] Valid name, no data record (check DNS setup).

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