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TaxAmount Property

Sales tax charged in addition to the original TransactionAmount .


public string TaxAmount { get; set; }
Public Property TaxAmount As String

Default Value



This property contains the amount of state or provincial (or VAT) tax included in the transaction amount. Any non-zero sales tax must have a minimum value of 0.1% and a maximum value of 22% of the sale amount.

This amount is to be presented with an implied decimal point. For example, US $10.00 must be represented as 1000, and $0.10 is likewise simply 10. The allowable number of significant digits as well as the positioning of any implied decimal point is dictated by the designated CurrencyCode configuration setting. In the United States (default), the number of allowable significant digits is seven. Thus the maximum TransactionAmount is "9999999", yielding a US dollar amount of $99,999.99. This field may not contain a negative number.

This property is used for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Corporate Purchasing Cards.

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