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MerchantType Property

MasterCard merchant classification code.


public string MerchantType { get; set; }
Public Property MerchantType As String

Default Value



Merchant Type is a four-position field defined by MasterCard that describes various merchant classifications. Each position in the field has a separate, special meaning for categorizing the merchant. If the data for a particular position is not available, that position must contain a blank. If it is available, it must contain one of the following business codes:

Position 1 - Business Classification

0 Unknown
1 Corporation
2 Other Business Structure (e.g., Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Joint Venture, etc.)

Position 2 - Type of Business Owner Classification

0 Unknown
1 No Applicable Classification (not female or handicapped)
2 Female Business Owner
3 Physically Handicapped Female Business Owner
4 Physically Handicapped Business Owner

Position 3 - Minority, Small Business, Disadvantaged Certification

0 Unknown
1 Certification Not Applicable
2 SBA Certification as Small Business
3 SBA Certification as Small Disadvantaged Business
4 Other Government or Agency Recognized Certification (e.g., Minority Supplier Development Council)
5 Self-certified Small Business
6 Definition 2 and Definition 4
7 Definition 3 and Definition 4
8 Definition 4 and Definition 5

Position 4 - Racial or Ethnic Type (Unconditional Majority Owner)

0 Unknown
1 African American
2 Asian Pacific American
3 Subcontinent Asian American
4 Hispanic American
5 Native American Indian
6 Native Hawaiian
7 Native Alaskan
8 Caucasian
9 Other

The maximum length of this property is 4 characters. This property is only used for MasterCard Corporate Purchasing Cards (CardType = ctMasterCard).

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