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CommercialCardType Property

Indicates the type of commercial card being settled.


public Fdmslevel2CommercialCardTypes CommercialCardType { get; set; }

enum Fdmslevel2CommercialCardTypes { fccNotCommercial, fccPurchaseCard, fccCorporateCard, fccBusinessCard, fccUnknown }
Public Property CommercialCardType As Fdmslevel2CommercialCardTypes

Enum Fdmslevel2CommercialCardTypes fccNotCommercial fccPurchaseCard fccCorporateCard fccBusinessCard fccUnknown End Enum

Default Value



Business, corporate, and purchasing cards are subsets of commercial cards. Therefore, the user should send Level 2 (and possibly Level 3) data in the settlement when this property indicates a commercial card was used. The following table indicates the type of commercial card:

fccNotCommercial (0)Card presented for authorization is not a commercial card
fccPurchaseCard (1)Card presented for authorization is a Purchasing Card.
fccCorporateCard (2)Card presented for authorization is a Corporate Card.
fccBusinessCard (3)Card presented for authorization is a Business Card.
fccUnknown (4)Unable to obtain information from processor.

Note: Commercial card transactions settled with Level 2 or Level 3 data must include tax amounts to receive the best interchange rate.

This property is used for both Visa and MasterCard Corporate Purchasing Cards.

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