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MerchantLocalPhone Property

Merchant's local phone number. Used in settlement only.


public string MerchantLocalPhone { get; set; }
Public Property MerchantLocalPhone As String

Default Value



This property should contain an 11-character merchant phone number in XXX-XXXXXXX format. The initial "1" for long-distance or toll-free calls should be omitted. For instance, "800-1234567" is acceptable, while "1-800-1234567" is not. The fourth character position MUST contain a hyphen. Hyphens may not be used anywhere else.

This phone number should be the number for the local merchant establishment. For the Hotel IndustryType, it should contain the phone number for the actual hotel at which the customer is staying. Likewise, for the Auto Rental IndustryType this property must contain the phone number for the location from which the car is actually rented.

This property is used for Hotel, Auto Rental, and Direct Marketing IndustryTypes.

This field is only used in the settlement, and will be ignored for all authorizations.

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