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Error Property

Contains information about settlement errors.


public TSYSBatchErrorInfo Error { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Error As TSYSBatchErrorInfo


If there is an error in the settlement that results in a rejected batch, this type will contain information that can help you determine what has caused the settlement to fail. The following fields are available:

Data This contains the actual data which caused the error.
DataFieldNumber Field within an individual record that contains the error. The component will attempt to determine the property in error based on the contents of this field. However, you may need to consult TSYS support and/or the current EIS-1081 documentation for more information.
DetailRecordIndex Provides the index of the DetailRecord that caused the batch error.
ErrorType Type of batch error.
RecordType Type of record in which an error occurred (header record, detail record, etc).
SequenceNumber Sequence number of the record that caused an error.

This property is read-only.

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