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BatchNumber Property

Sequence number of this batch transaction.


public int BatchNumber { get; set; }
Public Property BatchNumber As Integer

Default Value



This property contains a three digit batch sequence number generated by the Point of Sale (POS) device. The batch number must be within the range "001" to "999". If the POS device is automatically incrementing the batch number, it should automatically advance the number from "999" to "001"("000" is invalid). Batch numbers must not be reused or repeated within 5 consecutive days.

This is a Header Property, and needs to be set once for a single Batch Settlement transaction.

If the transaction is successful, the Code will contain "GB", which indicates a "Good Batch". You should check that the NetDeposit and RecordCount match the NetDeposit and RecordCount fields.

If the transaction is not successful and you receive an "RB" Code (indicating a "Rejected Batch") the component throws an exception. You may inspect the Data. DataFieldNumber, RecordType, SequenceNumber, and ErrorType properties for more information concerning why the batch was rejected. After either fixing this record to resolve the error, or removing the record from the batch, the entire batch must be resubmitted. When resubmitting a batch that was previously rejected, the BatchNumber must be set to the same value that was originally used. It is critical that the same BatchNumber value is used to avoid duplicate charges.

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