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TSYSSettleResponse Type

Contains the response to a batch settlement.


This type contains the results of a batch settlement made with the TSYSSettle component. The fields contained by this type are listed below.



Indicates the status of the batch transmission.

This field contains the two character response code returned by the host indicating the status of the Batch Settlement attempt. The following table provides a summary of the response returned by the TSYS host:

GBGood Batch.
QDDuplicate Batch.
RBRejected Batch.


Total of purchases minus credits and voids.

This field contains the net deposit generated by the terminal. It should equal the Batch.NetDeposit field, which is computed by the component. The net deposit total is generated by adding the settlement amounts of all detail transaction records and subtracting credit amounts from it. This field is represented as an absolute value and cannot be negative.

This amount is to be presented with an implied decimal point. For example, US $10.00 must be represented as 1000, and $0.10 is likewise simply 10. The allowable number of significant digits as well as the positioning of any implied decimal point is dictated by the designated CurrencyCode configuration setting. In the United States (default), the number of allowable significant digits is seven. Thus the maximum TransactionAmount is "9999999", yielding a US dollar amount of $99,999.99. This field may not contain a negative number.


Batch number that belongs to this response.

This field should be compared to the BatchNumber in order to match a response with a given Batch Settlement. If running in synchronous mode, this field should always be identical to BatchNumber.


Number of records received by the server in this batch.

This field contains the total number of records received by the host -- including Header, Parameter, Detail, and Trailer records. In the case of a Code of "GB" (Good Batch), the value returned should match the value in the Batch.RecordCount field. In the case of a Code of "RB" (Rejected Batch), this field will reflect the total number of records received until the point of failure. RecordCount + 1 will reveal the sequential number of the transaction record responsible for causing a rejected batch condition, and should be identical to the Error.SequenceNumber field in this case.


Contents of this field are dependent upon the Code.

This nine character field will contain the text "_ACCEPTED" when a settlement batch has been successfully received by the host. However, the Point of Sale (POS) device should examine only the Code to determine the status of a particular Batch Settlement.


Date that the batch was settled.

This field is reserved, pending the future upgrade to a higher protocol version.


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