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ReversalCode Property

This code can be present in the reversal request for MasterCard transactions to signify the reason for the reversal.


public TsysreversalReversalCodes ReversalCode { get; set; }

enum TsysreversalReversalCodes { rcNotSpecified, rcCustomerDirected, rcPartialReversal, rcCNPSuspectFraud }
Public Property ReversalCode As TsysreversalReversalCodes

Enum TsysreversalReversalCodes rcNotSpecified rcCustomerDirected rcPartialReversal rcCNPSuspectFraud End Enum

Default Value



rcNotSpecified (0) Do not send the ReversalCode in the request.
rcCustomerDirected (1) Customer directed reversal.
rcPartialReversal (2) Partial reversal.
rcCNPSuspectFraud (3) Card not present. Suspect Fraud.

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