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ReimbursementAttribute Property

Indicates the type of fee applicable to this transaction.


public TsysreversalReimbursementAttributes ReimbursementAttribute { get; set; }

enum TsysreversalReimbursementAttributes { raStandardRetail, raQualifiedGrocery, raPreExistingRetail, raPreExistingGrocery, raNonDebit, raTaxExempt }
Public Property ReimbursementAttribute As TsysreversalReimbursementAttributes

Enum TsysreversalReimbursementAttributes raStandardRetail raQualifiedGrocery raPreExistingRetail raPreExistingGrocery raNonDebit raTaxExempt End Enum

Default Value



This property contains the reimbursement attribute assigned by the signing member or processor. This property designates the Reimbursement Fee applicable to a transaction. This value should be set to the value of the ReimbursementAttribute of the original TSYSDebit authorization. The following values are valid:

raStandardRetail (0) Standard INTERLINK Retail Merchant.
raQualifiedGrocery (1) Qualified INTERLINK Supermarket/Grocery Merchant.
raPreExistingRetail (2) Pre-existing Qualified INTERLINK Retail Merchant.
raPreExistingGrocery (3) Pre-existing Qualified INTERLINK Supermarket/Grocery Merchant.
raNonDebit (4) EBT, non-debit, or Non-INTERLINK debit.
raTaxExempt (5) Tax exempt organizations.

This field is only used for Debit and Benefit/EBT reversals.

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