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CardholderId Property

The CardholderId code for this reversal.


public string CardholderId { get; set; }
Public Property CardholderId As String

Default Value



This 1-character property contains a code that specifies the method used to verify the identity of the cardholder. The value may be used in conjunction with AVS and ACI indicators. The following table lists all of the supported cardholder identification codes, but please note that some codes are Direct Marketing-specific and some are Retail-specific.

MAddress Verification Data or CPS/Card Present, unable to read magnetic stripe.
NAddress Verification Data, CPS/Card Not Present, or Electronic Commerce
ZCardholder signature - Terminal has a PIN pad
@Cardholder signature - No PIN pad available (default for Retail transactions)

NOTE: The CardholderId for reversals is applicable to the reversal transaction itself, NOT to the transaction being reversed. Generally the card will be present and the cardholder will sign the receipt, so for most cases this should be "@".

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