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Response Property

Contains the response to a transaction detail request.


public TSYSHCTransactionResult Response { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Response As TSYSHCTransactionResult


This property will contain the response returned from the TSYS server. The TSYSHCTransactionResult type contains the following fields:

ApprovalCode Contains an authorization code when a transaction has been approved.
AVSResult Contains the Address Verification System result code.
BatchNumber An incrementing ID assigned by TSYS to identify a merchant batch.
BatchResponseCode The response code indicating the status of a batch management request.
BatchResponseText Text information that describes each response code.
BatchStatus The current status of the batch in an inquiry.
CardLast4 The last four (4) digits of the customer card number.
CardLevelResult A two-character code created by Visa during the authorization process.
CardType The type of card sent in the authorization request.
Code Indicates the status of the transaction.
CVVResult Contains the returned CVV result code if it was requested.
ECI A one-character transaction indicator identifying the type of direct marketing transaction being authorized.
GoodsIndicator The type of goods purchased over the Internet.
GratuityAmount The gratuity (tip) amount of the transaction being settled.
InstallmentAdvice Contains the Merchant Advice Code returned by MasterCard MIP.
InvoiceNumber The invoice number assigned by the merchant for a card-not-present purchase.
NetworkId The identification code of the network on which the transaction was authorized.
PartialShipmentIndicator Indicates whether the merchant or acquirer is awaiting shipment of a portion of the goods purchased in a card transaction prior to submitting the related sales data.
PurchaseId The Purchase Order Number supplied by the Visa or MasterCard Purchasing Card cardholder.
RequestedACI A one-character field containing the Requested ACI.
ReturnedACI Returned Authorization Characteristics Indicator contains CPS qualification status.
RetrievalNumber The Retrieval Reference Number from the transaction.
SettlementAmount The final settlement amount of the transaction.
TaxAmount Sales tax charged in addition to the original TransactionAmount.
IsTaxExempt Identifies the characteristics of the amount appearing in TaxAmount.
TrackStatusCode This field is used to indicate the magnetic stripe condition and the vulnerability for fraud in Discover Network Card Transactions.
TransactionAmount The Transaction Amount from the transaction.
TransactionType The original authorization transaction type.
TransactionDate Local transaction date returned from the server in MMDDYY format.
TransactionTime Local transaction time returned from the server in HHMMSS format.
TransactionFee Transaction Fee Amount is used in PIN POS transactions to carry the acquirer-assessed surcharge for informational purposes only.
TransactionNumber This is the Transaction Original Number (TON) from the transaction.

This property is read-only.

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