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TSYSHCTerminalResponse Type

Contains the response to an authentication\deactivation request.


This type contains the results of a transaction made with the TSYSHCTerminalMgr component. The fields contained by this type are listed below.



Contains the incrementing ID assigned by TSYS to identify a merchant batch.

The batch number that is returned by the host is the current batch number. This will typically the same batch number used by TSYSHCBatchMgr to close the batch.

Note that if CaptureMode is set to Delay, Hold, or Capture the value here may not necessarily be the final batch number when captured. See CaptureMode for more details.


Indicates the status of the authorization request.

This field contains the response code indicating the status of the authorization request. The Point of Sale (POS) system must evaluate this response code and NOT the Text to determine nature of a response message. A response code of "00" represents an approval. A response code of "10" indicates that the transaction was partially approved for a lesser amount (AuthorizedAmount). All other response codes represent non-approved requests. Do NOT interpret all non-approved response codes as "DECLINED".

A list of valid result Codes are listed in the table of contents.


Contains the unique GenKey value generated by TSYS and returned upon successfully authenticating a POS device.

This value should be stored on your POS device and used in all subsequent transaction requests.


Text information that describes each response code.

This field contains a 16-character response or display text message. This message is used by the terminal to display the authorization result. The display text must not be used to determine the nature of a response message. VisaNet will translate the response according to the merchant's selected language.

The English-language response text messages are listed in the table of contents.


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