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TransactionNumber Property

Sequence number of this transaction.


public int TransactionNumber { get; set; }
Public Property TransactionNumber As Integer

Default Value



This number must be unique, it's used to identify the transaction in order to operate on it in the future.

This field contains a terminal-generated transaction sequence number to be submitted in all authorization request messages. This number is echoed back to the terminal in the TransactionNumber for the purpose of assisting in the matching of authorization request and response messages.

The maximum length of this property is 8 characters.

TSYS suggests the following application rules for the format of TransactionNumber:

  • Format the TransactionNumber as "DDSSS", where DD is the current day of the month and SSS is a sequence of numbers from 001-999.
  • Configure the sequence number for 2-5 positions so the sequence number can increment through a single day without rolling over.
  • Allow the sequence to increment and roll-over. Do not program the TransactionNumber to reset when a batch close occurs.

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