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AdjustTip Method

Sends a tip adjustment request.


public void AdjustTip(string retrievalNumber, string originalAmount, string tipAmount);
Public Sub AdjustTip(ByVal RetrievalNumber As String, ByVal OriginalAmount As String, ByVal TipAmount As String)


Sends a tip adjustment request, which allows you to add a tip amount to the transaction specified by RetrievalNumber. Response will contain additional details about the tip adjustment request.

Method parameters are:

RetrievalNumberThe RetrievalNumber from the previously authorized transaction.
OriginalAmountThe original authorized amount.
TipAmountThe tip amount that you want to add to the transaction.

Minimum required properties:

Note: To use the TransactionNumber instead of the returned RetrievalNumber to void the transaction, you can set RetrievalNumber to "" (empty string) and the value contained within TransactionNumber will be used instead.

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