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TSYSHCResponse Type

Contains the response to the authorization.


This type contains the results of an authorization transaction made with the TSYSHCRetail or TSYSHCECommerce component. The fields contained by this type are listed below.



Contains an authorization code when a transaction has been approved.

This six character field contains an authorization code when a transaction has been approved. If the Code returned indicates that the transaction has not been approved, then the contents of the field should be ignored. The ApprovalCode must be stored and submitted in the settlement data capture record.


The partial authorized amount.

This field will be populated with the partial authorized amount. If the transaction is not a partial authorization, this field will be "" (empty string).


Contains the Address Verification System result code.

This one character field contains the Address Verification System (AVS) result code. An AVS result code can provide additional information concerning the authentication of a particular transaction for which cardholder address verification was requested. An AVS result code of "0" will be returned in the response message when no address verification has been requested. The value returned should be stored and submitted as part of the batch settlement. Valid AVS codes are:

0Approved/Declined - Address verification was not requested or it was requested but the transaction was declined (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover).
AAddress Match - CustomerAddress matches, CustomerZip does not, or the request does not include the CustomerZip (Visa, Amex, Discover).
BAddress Match - CustomerAddress matches, CustomerZip not verified because of incompatible formats (both street address and postal code were sent) (Visa only).
CServ Unavailable - CustomerAddress and CustomerZip not verified because of incompatible formats (both street address and postal code were sent) (Visa only).
NNo match - Transaction contained postal/ZIP code only, or street address only, or postal code and street address. Also used when transaction requests AVS but sends no AVS data (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover).
PZip Match - Postal code matches. Postal code and street address were sent but street address not verified due to incompatible formats (Visa only).
RRetry - System unable to process (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover).
SServ Unavailable - Service not supported (MC, Amex, Discover).
UVer Unavailable - No data from Issuer/Authorization platform (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover).
WZip Match - Nine character CustomerZip matches, CustomerAddress does not (MC, Discover).
XExact Match - Nine character CustomerZip and CustomerAddress match (MC, Discover).
YExact Match - CustomerZip and CustomerAddress match (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover).
ZZip Match - CustomerZip matches; CustomerAddress does not match or street address not included in the request (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover).
1APPROVAL - Cardholder name and ZIP match (Amex only).
2APPROVAL - Cardholder name, address, and ZIP match (Amex only).
3APPROVAL - Cardholder name, address match (Amex only).
4APPROVAL - Cardholder name matches (Amex only).
5APPROVAL - Cardholder name incorrect, ZIP matches (Amex only).
6APPROVAL - Cardholder name incorrect, address and ZIP match (Amex only).
7APPROVAL - Cardholder name incorrect, address matches (Amex only).
8NO MATCH - Cardholder name, address, and ZIP do not match (Amex only).
D*Exact Match - CustomerAddress and CustomerZip match (Visa only).
G*Ver Unavailable - Issuer is not an AVS participant, or AVS data was present in the request but issuer did not return an AVS result, or Visa performs AVS on behalf of the issuer and there was no address record on file for this account (Visa only).
I*Ver Unavailable - Address information not verified (Visa, Discover).
M*Exact Match - CustomerAddress and CustomerZip match (Visa only).

*AVS Result Code for International addresses only


Contains the incrementing ID assigned by TSYS to identify a merchant batch.

The batch number that is returned by the host is the current batch number. This will typically the same batch number used by TSYSHCBatchMgr to close the batch.

Note that if CaptureMode is set to Delay, Hold, or Capture the value here may not necessarily be the final batch number when captured. See CaptureMode for more details.


The type of card sent in the authorization request.

Possible values are:

  • VISA
  • AMEX
  • JCB
  • EBT


Indicates the status of the authorization request.

This field contains the response code indicating the status of the authorization request. The Point of Sale (POS) system must evaluate this response code and NOT the Text to determine nature of a response message. A response code of "00" represents an approval. A response code of "10" indicates that the transaction was partially approved for a lesser amount (AuthorizedAmount). All other response codes represent non-approved requests. Do NOT interpret all non-approved response codes as "DECLINED".

A list of valid result Codes are listed in the table of contents.


Response field that indicates whether the card is a commercial card.

If you wish to support Corporate Purchasing Cards with Level II or Level III data, you should inspect the value of this field after a successful authorization. If the Vital/TSYS host indicates that the authorized card is a commercial card, you may use the TSYSLevel2 or TSYSLevel3 components to add the extra data required during settlement.

Possible values for this field include:

tccNotCommercial (0) Not a commercial card. You must not send Level II or Level III data in the settlement.
tccBusinessCard (1) Business Card
tccVisaCommerce (2) Visa Commerce (Reserved for future use)
tccCorporateCard (3) Corporate Card
tccPurchaseCard (4) Purchasing Card

Note: Of the possible CommercialCardTypes for Visa cards, you should only send Level III data for tctPurchaseCards. Level III may be sent for any MasterCard CommercialCardType except cctNotCommercial.

This field is only valid after a successful authorization request and response.


Contains the returned CVV result code if it was requested.

If a CVV value was sent in the authorization request, then this one character field will contain the host returned Card Verification Value result code. Please note that a CVV Result code is never returned for an American Express transaction, even if the CVV data is included in the authorization. Instead, an AMEX transaction will be declined if the CVV value does not match, with an Text indicating such. The following is a list of current result codes:

MCVV2 match.
NCVV2 no match.
PNot processed.
SMerchant has indicated that CVV2 is not present on card.
UIssuer not certified and/or has not provided Visa encryption keys.


Contains the Merchant Advice Code returned by MasterCard MIP.

Possible values are:

ivNoDataPresent (0) Installment advice data was not returned.
ivNewAccountInfo (1) New account information.
ivTryAgainLater (2) Try again later.
ivDoNotTryAgain (3) Do not try again for recurring payment transaction.
ivCancelRecurring (4) Recurring payment cancellation.


This number is to be used to identify transactions and should be submitted when making adjustments, reversals or at settlement.

This field contains a 12-character value reflecting the transaction Retrieval Reference Number returned by the authorizing system. The Point of Sale (POS) system should record the Retrieval Reference Number received in the original authorization response.


Returned Authorization Characteristics Indicator contains CPS qualification status.

This one character field contains the returned Authorization Characteristics Indicator (ACI). This value provides information concerning the transaction's CPS qualification status. It is not recommended that the Point of Sale (POS) system attempt to interpret the meaning of this value. Instead, the POS system should extract whatever value is returned in this field and submit it in the batch settlement. The POS system should not interpret any relationship between this field and the presence of data in either the TransactionId or ValidationCode fields.


Text information that describes each response code.

This field contains a 16-character response or display text message. This message is used by the terminal to display the authorization result. The display text must not be used to determine the nature of a response message. VisaNet will translate the response according to the merchant's selected language.

The English-language response text messages are listed in the table of contents.


Local transaction date returned from the server in MMddyy format.

This six digit field contains a local transaction date calculated by the authorization center using the time zone differential specified by the Merchant's Time Zone;. This field should be recorded and submitted in the Batch Settlement.


Check this field against the original Transaction Number.

This field should be compared to the TransactionNumber in order to match a response with a given authorization request when in Interleaved mode (Timeout = 0). If running in non-interleaved (synchronous) mode, this field should always be identical to TransactionNumber. If it is not, the transaction must not be settled in the Batch Settlement.


Local transaction time returned from the server in HHmmss format.

This six digit field contains the Local Transaction Time returned by the authorizing system. This field should be recorded and submitted in the Batch Settlement.


public TSYSHCResponse();
Public TSYSHCResponse()

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