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TSYSHCBatchSummaryResult Type

A collection of summary details about the batch.


This type contains the results of a batch summary transaction retrieved when calling GetSummary. The fields contained by this type are listed below.



This is the net amount total for the particular summary type in the batch. This will be the total transaction amount for all purchases (with voids and adjustments taken into account) minus refunds.


The total count for the particular summary type of all purchases in the batch.


The total count for the particular summary type of all refunds in the batch.


This is the type of summary being provided in the Batch Summary Inquiry. The following are current valid values, though this is to be considered a "free text" field.

Value Description
VISA The Visa summary totals
MASTERCARD The MasterCard summary totals
AMEX The Amex summary totals
DISCOVER The Discover summary totals
JCB The JCB summary totals
ONLINE DEBIT The Online Debit summary totals
EBT The EBT summary totals
OTHER All other card types summary totals, including private label
BATCH TOTAL The overall totals for the batch including all card types
DELAY CAP Total of all transactions being held for adjustment


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