4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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ReceivingInstitution Property

Indicates which gift card network to use.


public TsysgiftcardReceivingInstitutions ReceivingInstitution { get; set; }

enum TsysgiftcardReceivingInstitutions { riStoredValueSystems, riFifthThird }
Public Property ReceivingInstitution As TsysgiftcardReceivingInstitutions

Enum TsysgiftcardReceivingInstitutions riStoredValueSystems riFifthThird End Enum

Default Value



This field contains a secondary network routing identifier, which indicates the gift card network to be used to process transactions. This is necessary because private issue gift card number ranges may conflict with ranges assigned to major credit card issuers. The supported receiving institutions include:

riStoredValueSystems (0)Stored Value Systems Gift Card
riFifthThird (1)Fifth Third Gift Card

Note, this property is ignored for Prepaid Card transactions.

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