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RentalExtraCharges Property

List of extra charges for Hotel/Auto transactions.


public string RentalExtraCharges { get; set; }
Public Property RentalExtraCharges As String

Default Value



This property contains a six-character numeric value used to identify any additional ancillary charges that are booked to the cardholder's card after the transaction was completed. The merchant may enter one or more codes on each transaction being settled. If extra charges are being submitted, this field must contain value(s) as defined below.

Value Auto Rental Definition Hotel Definition
0 or space No Extra Charge. Position Not Used.
1 Gasoline. RESERVED.
2 Extra Mileage. Restaurant.
3 Late Return. Gift Shop.
4 One Way Service Fee. Mini-Bar.
5 Parking or Moving Violation. Telephone.
6 N/A Other.
7 N/A Laundry.

For example, in the Hotel industry to indicate charges in both the gift shop and mini bar, RentalExtraCharges should equal "34".

Note that this property is only applicable for the Hotel and Auto Rental IndustryTypes, and will not be sent for any other IndustryType.

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