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PassengerCount Property

Total number of passengers (multiple passenger transport transactions only).


public int PassengerCount { get; set; }
Public Property PassengerCount As Integer

Default Value



This property is used when there are multiple passengers on the same authorization. The PassengerCount indicates the total number of passengers for a specific authorization code, and the PassengerNumber indicates the current passenger. Only Visa card transactions can be captured for Passenger Transport industry type. You need to set additional required Passenger Transport related information using the respective configuration settings.

NOTE: PassengerNumber cannot be greater than PassengerCount

To settle a Passenger Transport transaction authorized with the sitPassengerTransport IndustryType, you must use the TSYSDetailRecord component to add the number of this passenger and the total count of all passengers in the authorization code. For instance, if the authorization transaction included "Three passengers", and this is the first passenger, then the passenger number will be 1, and the passenger count 3. An example is included below:

  TSYSRetail.IndustryType = sitPassengerTransport

  DetailRecord.ParseAggregate TSYSRetail.GetDetailAggregate()
  DetailRecord.PassengerCount = 3
  DetailRecord.PassengerNumber = 1
  DetailRecord.Config("PassengerName=John Smith")
  TSYSSettle1.IndustryType = sitPassengerTransport
  TSYSSettle1.Config("TravelAgencyCode=12345678") 'if ticket was issued by a travel agency
  TSYSSettle1.Config("TravelAgencyName=Travel and Tours") 'if ticket was issued by a travel agency
  TSYSSettle1.DetailAggregate[5] = DetailRecord.GetDetailAggregate()

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