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InstallmentNumber Property

Current installment number (installment transactions only).


public int InstallmentNumber { get; set; }
Public Property InstallmentNumber As Integer

Default Value



This property is used when charging installment payments. The InstallmentCount indicates the total number of installments to be charged to the customer, and the InstallmentNumber indicates the current installment which is being charged. Installment payments can only be made for card-not-present transactions initiated by the TSYSECommerce component.

To settle a transaction authorized with the ttInstallment TransactionType, you must use the TSYSDetailRecord component to add the number of this installment and the total count of all installments to be made. For instance, if the purchase was for "Three easy payments of $19.95", and this is the first payment, then the installment number will be 1, and the installment count 3. An example is included below:

  TSYSECommerce.TransactionType = ttInstallment
  TSYSECommerce.TransactionAmount = "1995"

  DetailRecord.ParseAggregate TSYSECommerce.GetDetailAggregate()
  DetailRecord.InstallmentCount = 3
  DetailRecord.InstallmentNumber = 1
  TSYSSettle.DetailAggregate[5] = DetailRecord.GetDetailAggregate()

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