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HotelChargeType Property

Type of charge made at a hotel (American Express cards only).


public TsysdetailrecordHotelChargeTypes HotelChargeType { get; set; }

enum TsysdetailrecordHotelChargeTypes { ctHotel, ctRestaurant, ctGiftShop }
Public Property HotelChargeType As TsysdetailrecordHotelChargeTypes

Enum TsysdetailrecordHotelChargeTypes ctHotel ctRestaurant ctGiftShop End Enum

Default Value



This property contains an indicator used to identify a hotel charge type. It must contain one of the values defined below:

  • ctHotel (0)
  • ctRestaurant (1)
  • ctGiftShop (2)

Note, this property is only applicable when using the Hotel IndustryType for American Express transactions.

If this property is set to ctHotel, RentalNoShow must equal " ", "2", or "3". For any other value, RentalNoShow must equal "1".

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