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ReversalReason Property

Reason the transaction is being reversed.


public PtechreversalReversalReasons ReversalReason { get; set; }

enum PtechreversalReversalReasons { rrNotSet, rrNoResponseFromHost, rrLateResponseFromHost, rrUnableToDeliverToPOS, rrCardDeclined, rrAuthReversalSuspectedFraud }
Public Property ReversalReason As PtechreversalReversalReasons

Enum PtechreversalReversalReasons rrNotSet rrNoResponseFromHost rrLateResponseFromHost rrUnableToDeliverToPOS rrCardDeclined rrAuthReversalSuspectedFraud End Enum

Default Value



This property indicates to the host the reason why the original transaction is now being reversed. The valid values are shown below:

rrNotSet(0)The Reversal Reason (RR) token will not be sent in the transaction
rrNoResponseFromHost(1)The merchant never received a response to a previously submitted authorization transaction.
rrLateResponseFromHost(2)The host took too long to respond to the authorization.
rrUnableToDeliverToPOS(3)Unable to deliver the results of an authorization to the point of sale.
rrCardDeclined(4)Card declined the transaction (applicable only to EMV transactions).
rrAuthReversalSuspectedFraud(9)Authorization is being reversed due to suspected fraud.

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