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Reverse Method

Reverses a previously authorized transaction.


public void Reverse();
Public Sub Reverse()


A Reversal transaction is used to reverse (void) a previously authorized transaction. This transaction is NOT added to the current batch, and the original transaction must be removed from the batch upon receiving a successful response to a Reversal. This method (and this component) is applicable to authorizations sent in both Terminal Capture Mode as well as Host Capture Mode.

A reversal transaction immediately releases funds blocked in the cardholder's open-to-buy by the original authorization. To reverse an authorization, set the CardNumber, CardExpMonth, CardExpYear, IndustryType, and POSRetrievalNumber which were sent in the original transaction. Also indicate the type of the original authorization (Auth-only or Sale) in the OriginalTransactionType property. The OriginalTransactionAmount should be set to the amount originally sent in the TransactionAmount property of the component that authorized the transaction. It does not matter if the amount actually authorized was less, the originally submitted amount must be sent in the OriginalTransactionAmount property.

For example:

component.IndustryType = itRetail
component.CardNumber = "4444333322221111"
component.CardExpMonth = 1
component.CardExpYear = 2010
component.OriginalTransactionType = ttAuthOnly
component.OriginalTransactionAmount = "1.00"
component.POSRetrievalNumber = "1234567890"

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