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PINCapability Property

Indicates if the terminal device supports a PIN pad.


public PtechretailPINCapabilities PINCapability { get; set; }

enum PtechretailPINCapabilities { ppUnknown, ppAcceptsPIN, ppNoPIN, ppPadInoperative, ppVerifiedPIN }
Public Property PINCapability As PtechretailPINCapabilities

Enum PtechretailPINCapabilities ppUnknown ppAcceptsPIN ppNoPIN ppPadInoperative ppVerifiedPIN End Enum

Default Value



This property indicates to the host whether the merchant's terminal has a PIN entry pad. Valid values for this property are:

Unknown (0) Unknown.
ppAcceptsPIN (1) Terminal device accepts PIN entry.
ppNoPIN (2) Terminal device does not accept PIN entry.
ppPadInoperative (8) PIN pad inoperative.
ppVerifiedPIN (9) PIN Verified by terminal device.

NOTE: Code 8 is not used at this time. This is for future use by Visa

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