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DetailRecords Property

Collection of detail records to send in the settlement.


public PTechRecordTypeList DetailRecords { get; }
Public Property DetailRecords As PTechRecordTypeList


Each PTechRecordType object in the collection specifies an XML aggregate representing the transaction to be settled. The PTechRecordType may also specify an addenda aggregate for sending Level 2 or Level 2 and Level 3 data. The XML aggregate to be settled is generated from the PTechCharge, PTechECommerce, PTechRetail, PTechHotel, PTechHealthCare, or PTechDetailRecord component.

The following example shows how to add a detail record to the collection.

  PTechSettle.DetailRecords.Add(new PTechRecordType(PTechEcommerce1.GetDetailAggregate()));

Xml aggregates are used instead of directly passing Objects because it is easy to store XML aggregates in a database after authorization, and then retrieve them for settlement at the end of the business day.

Up to 1000 detail records may be settled in the above manner, just by adding a transactions to the DetailRecords property. However, it is recommended that Batch Settlements be kept relatively small - around 100 transactions or so - to decrease the number of records that must be resent in the event of an error.

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