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VisaReversal Method

Decreases the TransactionAmount of a previously-submitted transaction.


public void VisaReversal(string approvalCode);
Public Sub VisaReversal(ByVal ApprovalCode As String)


This method is used to partially (or fully) reverse a previously authorized transaction. This method is used much like an AuthOnly or Sale, except that all of the properties of the component must match the values from the transaction you wish to reverse. There is however no need to set the Hotel properties for a reversal, as they will not be transmitted to the host. The TransactionAmount should reflect the new settlement amount - not the amount you wish to reverse. If you want to reduce a $100 transaction by $20, then the TransactionAmount should be set to "80.00". If you wish to completely reverse the authorization set the TransactionAmount to "0.00".

Once all of these properties are all set, simply call this method with the ApprovalCode returned in the response to the original transaction.

A reversal transaction must NOT be added to the manual batch settlement. Instead, the detail record of the original transaction should be updated with the new settlement amount and Hotel fields you wish to update. An authorization may be reversed multiple times.

Note: This method was renamed by Paymentech to "partial authorization reversal" (formerly called Visa Auth Reversal). In addition to that, this transaction can be submitted for a ChaseNet, Discover (including US JCB and Diners), MasterCard and Visa transaction.

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