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PTechHotelInfo Type

Contains additional information required for the Hotel/Lodging industry.


This type is used in both authorizations and detail records when processing transactions in the hotel/lodging industry type. At minimum, you should pass the expected Duration of stay, ArrivalDate, expected DepartureDate, and SaleCode. You may pass the ExtraChargeAmount and ExtraChargesCode in the authorization, but those are normally not known until settlement. To process a reservation or any other transaction where the customer and his card are not physically present, set the PreferredCustomer field to True;. This will indicate to Paymentech that the transaction is a card-not-present authorization (PreferredCustomer must be set to False for normal card-present transaction processing).



Date the customer checked in, or the expected arrival date when authorizing a reservation. This field must contain an actual valid date.


Provides additional information about what this transaction was used for at the hotel. If used to pay for actual hotel accommodations, this should be set to cdLodging. If this transaction was used for any hotel-provided services, it should be set to the corresponding description listed below. Available descriptors include:

  • cdHealthClub (0)
  • cdLodging (1)
  • cdRestaurant (2)
  • cdGiftShop (3)
  • cdHairSalon (4)
  • cdConventionFees (5)
  • cdTennisClub (6)
  • cdGolfShop (7)


Date the customer checked out, or the expected check-out date when authorizing a reservation. This field must contain an actual valid date.


The number of days the customer stayed in the hotel, or the expected duration of stay when authorizing a reservation. This field must be between 1 and 99 days.


Total amount of extra charges incurred by the customer. Use the ExtraChargesCode to indicate the types of charges that have been added on to this transaction.

This must be formatted as a dollar amount with a real decimal point, excluding the dollar sign. For instance "12.00"


List of extra charges added to the cost of lodging. You may include a list of extra charges for hotel transactions. Simply add the code below to this field. Multiple codes may be specified by concatenating them together. Only six extra charges may be added. For instance "240000" indicates the customer dined at the hotel restaurant and drank from the mini bar in his room. Available codes include:

0 None. If there are no extra charges, this field should contain six zeros- "000000".
2 Restaurant.
3 Gift shop.
4 Mini bar.
5 Telephone charges.
6 Other charges not listed.
7 Laundry service.


Set this field to True to process a hotel transaction as card-not-present. This can be used for phoned-in reservations, no-show charges, or any transaction that takes place without the customer's physical card present. This field is only applicable for Visa and MasterCard transactions. Other card types must use the PTechECommerce component for phone or internet reservations.


Provides additional details about the type of this transaction.


public PTechHotelInfo();
Public PTechHotelInfo()

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