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RequestStatus Property

Used with enhanced BatchInquiry s to retrieve the next set of transaction data.


public PtechhostsettleRequestStatus RequestStatus { get; set; }

enum PtechhostsettleRequestStatus { rsInitialRequest, rsSubsequentRequest }
Public Property RequestStatus As PtechhostsettleRequestStatus

Enum PtechhostsettleRequestStatus rsInitialRequest rsSubsequentRequest End Enum

Default Value



This property is used when submitting a BatchInquiry transaction with enhanced reporting. Additional transaction data will be returned for any BatchInquiry submitted with an InquiryType other than iSimpleInquiry.

If the Paymentech server cannot return all of the data requested in a single response, the MoreData property will be true. You should then set the RequestStatus to rsSubsequentRequest and re-submit the BatchInquiry. Continue this until MoreData is False. If at any time you wish to start over at the beginning, set RequestStatus to rsInitialRequest and call BatchInquiry again.

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