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AllowPartialAuths Property

Indicates whether partial authorizations are to be supported for Health Care Auto-Substantiation transactions.


public bool AllowPartialAuths { get; set; }
Public Property AllowPartialAuths As Boolean

Default Value



If the TotalMedicalAmount is not the same as the TransactionAmount the FSA card may be declined, as FSA cards may only be used for healthcare-related purchases. However, if you set AllowPartialAuths to true, the transaction may be authorized for the TotalMedicalAmount. The customer must then make up the difference between the TransactionAmount and TotalMedicalAmount via some other form of payment (cash, credit, check, etc).

The total amount authorized by Paymentech will be returned in the AuthorizedAmount. For instance, if the TransactionAmount is $50, but the TotalMedicalAmount is $42, the card is charged for $42.00 and the AuthorizedAmount will be "42.00". The merchant may then collect the remaining $8 in cash, check, credit card, or any other acceptable form of payment.

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