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DeactivateCard Method

Deactivates a gift card.


public void DeactivateCard();
Public Sub DeactivateCard()


A stored value Deactivation transaction is the process of removing the remaining balance from a card account and placing the card into an inactive status. This transaction is most often used when the cardholder has lost the card, yet still has the card number. The terminal will initiate a transaction to the host, which will redeem the total balance on the card. Once a card is deactivated, it can only be restored to circulation using the ReactivateCard method. Calling AddValue on a deactivated card will result in an error.

The gift card may be specified by either a MagneticStripe returned by a card reader, (Track2 only), or manually entered through the Number, ExpMonth, and ExpYear.A 3-digit Card Verification Value code may also be supplied in the CVVData field.

The Code and Text fields indicate whether this transaction was successful.

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