4D Payments SDK 2016 .NET Edition

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BalanceInquiry Method

Retrieves the balance remaining on a gift card.


public void BalanceInquiry();
Public Sub BalanceInquiry()


A BalanceInquiry transaction requests that the host return the quantity of funds remaining in the customer's Stored Value (Gift) Card. This transaction is not added to the batch and cannot be settled by the PTechHostSettle component. No charge is made to the customer's gift card.

The gift card may be specified by either a MagneticStripe returned by a card reader, (Track2 only), or manually entered through the Number, ExpMonth, and ExpYear.A 3-digit Card Verification Value code may also be supplied in the CVVData field.

The Code and Text fields indicate whether this transaction was successful. The Balance field will contain the card's current balance.

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