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ActivateCard Method

Activates a Gift Card.


public void ActivateCard();
Public Sub ActivateCard()


Stored value Activation transactions provide merchants the ability to activate a new stored value card on the Chase Paymentech stored value host. Activation transactions can only be performed on cards that have not been previously activated. Activation transactions are usually used by merchants who wish to identify how many new stored value cards have been issued, from the previously activated stored value cards that have had additional value issued. Merchants have the ability to activate stored value cards with a host configured pre-denominated TransactionAmount or activate the cards with a flexible TransactionAmount. With pre-denominated cards, dependent on host configurations, the stored value host will either approve the transaction for the amount that the pre-denominated card is setup for (regardless of the amount keyed), or decline the transaction if the amount keyed at the Point-of-Sale if the amount doesn't match the amount identified on the card.

This transaction is automatically added to the current open batch, and will be settled when the PTechHostSettle component's BatchRelease method is called.

The gift card may be specified by either a MagneticStripe returned by a card reader, (Track2 only), or manually entered through the Number, ExpMonth, and ExpYear.A 3-digit Card Verification Value code may also be supplied in the CVVData field.

The Code and Text fields indicate whether this transaction was successful.

Note: Activation transactions will fail at the stored value host if the card has been previously activated or has previously had value issued to it. Also, ActivateCard cannot be used to activate a card that has been deactivated via the DeactivateCard method. You must use the ReactivateCard method instead.

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