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TransactionType Property

Indicates transaction type for this detail record.


public PtechdetailrecordTransactionTypes TransactionType { get; set; }

enum PtechdetailrecordTransactionTypes { dttSale, dttCapture, dttHotelNoShow, dttCredit }
Public Property TransactionType As PtechdetailrecordTransactionTypes

Enum PtechdetailrecordTransactionTypes dttSale dttCapture dttHotelNoShow dttCredit End Enum

Default Value



This property indicates the type of transaction that is being settled.

Note that only credit card transactions are supported here. EBT, Stored Value, Debit, and Canadian Debit cards must be processed with the Host Capture System, and cannot be manually settled.

dttSale (1)If the original transaction was a Sale (and not an Auth-only), the TransactionType will be set to dttSale after calling ParseAggregate. You should not then modify this value.
dttCapture (3)If the original transaction was an Auth-Only, the TransactionType will be set to dttCapture after calling ParseAggregate. This value may also be used to process voice authorization (Force) transactions. Simply fill out all of the detail record properties manually, and set the ApprovalCode property with the authorization code you received from the call center.
dttHotelNoShow (4)This is used only for the Hotel IndustryType, when a customer fails to show for his reservation.
dttCredit (6)This is a purely off-line TransactionType. It is used to credit a transaction from a previously settled batch. In this case the ApprovalCode is irrelevant, and all of the detail record properties must be filled manually. The SettlementAmount indicates the amount to be returned to the cardholder.

Note that transactions Voided with the PTechCharge component must be removed from the batch. Voided transactions must not be settled.

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