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AuthSource Property

Indicates the source of the authorization code stored in ApprovalCode .


public string AuthSource { get; set; }
Public Property AuthSource As String

Default Value



This field contains a one character code indicating the source of the ApprovalCode. The received code must be stored and submitted in the batch settlement.

Valid source codes:

1STIP (Stand-In Processing): time-out response.
2STIP: amount below issuer limit.
3STIP: issuer in Suppress Inquiry mode.
4STIP: issuer unavailable.
5Issuer generated response.
6Off-line approval: POS device generated.
7Acquirer approval: Base I unavailable.
8Acquirer approval of a referral.
9Use for non-authorized transactions; such as credit card credits.
DReferral: authorization code manually keyed.
EOff-line approval: authorization code manually keyed.
FCAFIS Interface Off-Line Post-Auth.*
GIssuer Approval: Post-Auth.*

* Currently in use by Japan Acquirer Services (JAS).

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