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DebitCashBack Property

Optional cash back amount for debit transactions.


public string DebitCashBack { get; set; }
Public Property DebitCashBack As String

Default Value



This property may contain an optional cash back amount when authorizing a debit card transaction. The value of the TransactionAmount must reflect the cost of the goods or service purchased plus this DebitCashBack amount. This property is presented in US Dollars with a decimal point in the proper position. The maximum value for this property is "999999.99".

If the DebitPIN and DebitKSN are not populated, the value of this property is ignored.

Note: If either the DebitPIN or DebitKSN properties are present, the component will assume this is a debit card transaction. Debit transactions are only supported by the Retail IndustryType, and only for Card Present transactions. For any other type of transaction the component throws an exception.

  component.IndustryType = itRetail 
  component.Card = new CCCard("9999999800002773=05121015432112345678", EntryDataSources.edsTrack2)
  component.TransactionAmount = "25.00"
  component.PINCapability = ppVerifiedPIN
  component.DebitPIN = "623F36B53CC18393"
  component.DebitKSN = "000000008F000021"
  component.DebitCashBack = "5.00"

This must be formatted as a dollar amount with a real decimal point, excluding the dollar sign. For instance "12.00"

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