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SettlementMode Property

Indicates whether the component uses Paymentech's Host Capture (0) or Terminal Capture (1) system.


public PtechchargeSettlementModes SettlementMode { get; set; }

enum PtechchargeSettlementModes { smHostCapture, smTerminalCapture }
Public Property SettlementMode As PtechchargeSettlementModes

Enum PtechchargeSettlementModes smHostCapture smTerminalCapture End Enum

Default Value



Host-Capture means that you authorize your transactions using the AuthOnly or Sale methods, and you process refunds and capture outstanding authorizations with the Credit and Capture methods. Paymentech handles all batch management. All you need to do is use the PTechHostSettle component to release the batch for settlement (you may even set your account up for Host Auto-Close, which will automatically release the batch for settlement at the end of the business day).

Terminal-Capture means that you handle all of the batch management yourself. This is necessary for the Hotel/Lodging and Restaurant IndustryTypes, because the final settlement amount may be more than (or less than) the amount that was originally authorized. For instance, a restaurant authorization may have a GratuityAmount added to the original charge before the transaction is settled. Likewise, a customer may stay longer or shorter than originally planned, or incur additional charges (mini bar, telephone call, room service, etc), and the settlement amount must be adjusted accordingly.

All industry types supported by PTechCharge may be processed in smTerminalCapture mode. However, Restaurant and Hotel transactions MUST be authorized and settled in smTerminalCapture mode. Attempting to authorize a Restaurant or Hotel/Lodging transaction with the SettlementMode set to smHostCapture will cause the component throws an exception.

When processing transactions in smTerminalCapture mode, credits and captures are processed off-line using the PTechDetailRecord and PTechManualSettle components. Attempting to call the VoidTransaction or Capture methods will cause the component throws an exception.

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