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Response Property

Contains the response to the authorization.


public PTechCanadianResponse Response { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Response As PTechCanadianResponse


This property will contain the response returned from the Paymentech server. It should be inspected (and logged) after a call to Authorize, MACReversal, RequestCurrentKeys, or ReversalAdvice. The PTechCanadianResponse type contains the following fields:

ApprovalCode Contains an authorization code for an approved transaction.
AuthSource Indicates the source of the authorization code stored in ApprovalCode.
BatchNumber Number that identifies the batch that this transaction will be settled in.
Code Indicates the success or failure of the transaction.
ForceKeyRequest If True, indicates that the host requires the component to re-synchronize keys.
MACKey MAC Encryption key to be loaded into the PIN pad device.
MACValue Hash value that must be validated by the PIN pad after each response.
PINKey PIN Encryption key to be loaded into the PIN pad device.
RetrievalNumber Reference number returned from the Paymentech host.
SequenceNumber SequenceNumber echoed from the authorization.
Text Contains a human-readable message explaining the code.
Time The host-normalized Date and Time of the transaction.
Trace Trace number returned for Canadian Interac Debit transactions.

This property is read-only.

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