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InteracTransactionType Property

Indicates the type of transaction to authorize.


public PtechcanadiandebitInteracTransactionTypes InteracTransactionType { get; set; }

enum PtechcanadiandebitInteracTransactionTypes { ittSale, ittSaleWithCashBack, ittReturn, ittVoidSale, ittVoidReturn, ittReversalAdvice }
Public Property InteracTransactionType As PtechcanadiandebitInteracTransactionTypes

Enum PtechcanadiandebitInteracTransactionTypes ittSale ittSaleWithCashBack ittReturn ittVoidSale ittVoidReturn ittReversalAdvice End Enum

Default Value



This property indicates the type of transaction that is to be sent in an Authorize request. The GetRequestDataToMAC method also uses this property when generating the data which must be MAC'ed by the PIN pad device. In addition to the transaction types listed below, this component also allows you to send MAC Reversals, Current Key Requests, and Reversal Advice transactions using the MACReversal, RequestCurrentKeys, and ReversalAdvice methods, respectively. Allowable transactions types include:

ittSale (27)A regular sale transaction.
ittSaleWithCashBack (28)A sale transaction with DebitCashBack returned to the customer.
ittReturn (29)Interac only allows returns to offset a purchase; returns by themselves are not allowed.
ittVoidSale (44)Voids a previous ittSale transaction.
ittVoidReturn (45)Voids a previous ittReturn transaction.
ittReversalAdvice (47)This is only used for generating GetRequestDataToMAC. Calling Authorize with this InteracTransactionType will result in an error. Please see ReversalAdvice for more information.

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