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DebitSurcharge Property

Extra amount the merchant charges the customer for using a debit card.


public string DebitSurcharge { get; set; }
Public Property DebitSurcharge As String

Default Value



Surcharging in Canada is optional at the point of sale terminal device. The amount of the surcharge is defined at the Point of Sale (POS) and must be accepted by the cardholder prior to the transaction being processed. If the DebitSurcharge property contains a value, the surcharge amount will be logged to the transaction record on the Host. The Surcharge Amount must be included as part of the transaction amount. Regulations require that this fee amount print on the receipt and be clearly labeled as "TERMINAL FEE" or "FRAIS D'OPER." For example:

Amount of sale $10.00
Cardholder desired DebitCashBack $ 5.00
A DebitSurcharge was applied of $ .50
Total TransactionAmount sent to Host $15.50

In this case, the receipt would read:

SALE          $10.00 
CASH BACK     $ 5.00 

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