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AccountType Property

Account type selected by the cardholder.


public PtechcanadiandebitAccountTypes AccountType { get; set; }

enum PtechcanadiandebitAccountTypes { acctNotSet, acctChecking, acctSavings }
Public Property AccountType As PtechcanadiandebitAccountTypes

Enum PtechcanadiandebitAccountTypes acctNotSet acctChecking acctSavings End Enum

Default Value



Canadian debit cards allow the customer to choose the account he or she wishes to pay with. Allowable account types are listed below:

acctNotSet (0)Account Type is not set
acctChecking (1)This transaction is paid for with funds from the customer's Checking account.
acctSavings (2)This transaction is paid for with funds from the customer's Savings account.

For the VeriFone PIN pad, you must send the GetRequestDataToMAC to the PIN pad before you know what AccountType the customer has selected. In that case set AccountType to acctNotSet, and the Account Type will not be included in the data to be MAC-ed. However, if you are using the Ingenico PIN pad, you will need to set the AccountType to acctChecking or acctSavings before calling GetRequestDataToMAC.

Note that sending an Authorize transaction with AccountType set to acctNotSet will result in an error.

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