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ReversalAdvice Method

Used if no response is received from the Server to void the authorization.


public void ReversalAdvice(int originalTransactionType, int reasonCode);
Public Sub ReversalAdvice(ByVal OriginalTransactionType As Integer, ByVal ReasonCode As Integer)


If no response is returned after sending an authorization with the Authorize method, and the status of the response is unknown, you must send a ReversalAdvice transaction. This will advise the Paymentech Server that you did not receive a response to your authorization request, and that the original request is to be voided. If no request is found (meaning your original authorization request never made it to Paymentech) or if the authorization is successfully reversed (Code is "A"), you may try to resubmit the transaction.

This method takes two parameters, OriginalTransactionType and Reason Code. The former indicates the InteracTransactionType of the original authorization, and the latter indicates the reason for the reversal. Allowable values for these parameters are listed below:

Allowable OriginalTransactionType values:


Note: ittVoidSale and ittVoidReturn transactions cannot be reversed.

Reason Code values:

1No response from host
2Late response from host
3Unable to deliver to PIN pad

Note that all other properties must be identical to the original transaction.

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