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DuplicateChecking Property

Indicates whether duplicate checking is enabled.


public PtechbenefitDuplicateCheckings DuplicateChecking { get; set; }

enum PtechbenefitDuplicateCheckings { duDoNotSendIndicator, duNoDuplicateChecking, duErrorOnDuplicate, duReturnOriginalResponse }
Public Property DuplicateChecking As PtechbenefitDuplicateCheckings

Enum PtechbenefitDuplicateCheckings duDoNotSendIndicator duNoDuplicateChecking duErrorOnDuplicate duReturnOriginalResponse End Enum

Default Value



This Duplicate Checking Indicator is used to tell the Host whether or not to check for duplicate transactions. This property is not valid for BatchInquiry and BatchRelease transactions.

In order to be viewed as a duplicate, the transaction must be exactly the same as the original. This includes SequenceNumber and TransactionAmount.

duDoNotSendIndicator (0)Duplicate Checking Indicator is not sent in the authorization request.
duNoDuplicateChecking (1)No duplicate checking is performed.
duErrorOnDuplicate (2)Duplicate SequenceNumbers are not allowed within the current open batch. Transaction requests containing duplicate SequenceNumbers will receive an error response.
duReturnOriginalResponse (3)Treats authorization requests (within the current batch) containing the same SequenceNumber, Number, TransactionAmount, and the current Transaction Type as duplicate transactions. If a duplicate is found and it was approved, the host will respond with the original response data. If no duplicate is found, or the duplicate was an error, normal authorization processes will be followed.

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