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Credit Method

Credits a cardholder's account or obtains a Return Authorization.


public void Credit();
Public Sub Credit()


Also known as a Return, this transaction refunds the cardholder's account. It can be used in both Host Capture and Terminal Capture SettlementModes.

If you are using the Host Capture SettlementMode, the Credit method will send a Return request to Paymentech. Paymentech will treat the request as an online purchase return authorization if the online return functionality is available for the given card brand and merchant. In this case an authorization request is sent to the card brand and if the authorization is successful the transaction is automatically included in the current batch for settlement. If that functionality is not available the request will be handled as an off-line credit request and will be included in the batch for settlement without requesting an authorization first.

If you are using the Terminal Capture SettlementMode, the Credit method can only be used for online purchase return authorization requests when such functionality is available for the given card and merchant. It cannot be used for off-line credit transactions. When using the Credit method in Terminal Capture mode you will need to get the authorization response and include the transaction in the batch to be settled using the PTechManualSettle component.

Manually keyed credit:

component.Card = new CCCard("4444333322221111", 12, 2025)
component.TransactionAmount = "1.00" 'credits $1.00

Note: Credits are not supported for EBT cards that are of the "Cash Benefits" BenefitType.

The EBT card is specified by the Card property. Both swiped and manual-entry are supported.

The Code and Text fields indicate whether this transaction was successful.

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