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Reverse Method

Reverses a transaction in the current batch.


public void Reverse(string PNRef);
Public Sub Reverse(ByVal PNRef As String)


A credit card Reversal transaction removes an unsettled, previously-submitted transaction. The PNRef parameter should be set to the PNRef from the transaction response of the transaction you wish to cancel.

A Reverse transaction differs from a VoidTransaction in one key way. A standard credit card sale puts a hold on the cardholder's open-to-buy funds until the batch is settled. If submitting a VoidTransaction, no money changes hands but a hold on the funds remains for a certain amount of time (usually around 7 days, depending on the issuing bank). A Reverse transaction releases the hold on the funds, and makes the funds available again immediately.

When two Reverse requests for the same transaction are submitted, a Reversal only occurs on the first transaction. If a Reversal request is submitted on a transaction which has already been reversed, Global Transport returns a "NO TRANS FOUND" message in the Response. Some standard card issuers may not support a Reversal. In this case, Global Transport returns a "DECLINE" response message. In this case, you should void it with the VoidTransaction method instead.

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