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AuthOnly Method

Sends an AuthOnly transaction to the host.


public void AuthOnly();
Public Sub AuthOnly()


An Auth Only transaction is used to verify and reserve the cardholder's open-to-buy funds available at that time. This transaction is NOT added to the open batch. In order to settle (be paid) for this transaction, the merchant must run a Capture transaction using the original PNRef obtained during this Auth Only transaction. Only then will the transaction be added to the open batch. Typically any funds blocked with a Sale or Auth Only transaction are reserved for approximately seven (7) to ten (10) days. This may vary from issuer to issuer. Sample transactions follow.

AuthOnly transaction with Track 1 data:

component.Card = new GlobalCard("5499990123456781=15125025432198712345");
component.TransactionAmount = "1.00";

Manually keyed AuthOnly transaction:

component.Card = new GlobalCard("4444333322221111", 1, 2015);
component.TransactionAmount = "1.00";

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